This is my first mixed media piece and I hope you like it!
I have been fascinated by the wonderful work of so many artists out there and inspired to start my own.
It wasn’t after a lot of YouTube video watching and art supply researching that I decided to finally have a go though!

It is always a little daunting to create something new… you just feel uncomfortable and unsure of what is right and what to do but… in the end, you have to remind yourself that there is no right, there is no wrong and you are creating art for yourself and nobody else 😉

And so this piece slowly evolved over the Christmas break… starting from scraps of beautiful patterned paper, drawing with colour pencils, painting with acrylics and gel medium, highlighting with ink pens, using modelling paste and stencil (to have a slightly raised tree), gluing letters that I lovingly painted gold and highlighted in white and finally inking the edges.

I was aiming for a feeling of peace and softness and so I stuck to pastel colours and a soft looking background.

This is an A4 size artwork on thick art board, with gel medium, ink, acrylic paint, modelling paste and colour pencils.

Here is a little video of it that I posted on my Facebook page.



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