Probably the only thing that hurts an artist’s ears…
AAARGGHHH!!! Yes, that awful crackling sound!

The one that creates a big knot in your stomach and makes you start sweating and swearing when you realise two pages are stuck together in your art journal…

There you are, ready to either finish your pages or bask in the glory of a painting you finished a few days ago and… What??? NoooOOO!!!

Why can’t you prise them open anymore??

Well, many factors could have contributed to this unfair punishment from the Art Gods:

  • Maybe your pages were not fully cured/dry before you closed your journal? Some paint and mediums can take up to 48 hours to fully dry below the surface, sometimes even longer!
  • The art supplies you used together may have reacted with one another
  • Perhaps you used materials with a glossy finish (such as varnish)? Glossy surfaces are more likely to stick to each other than matt
  • Or maybe you live in area where the humidity is high, or the temperatures change a lot between seasons…

Who really knows? I don’t! But what I do know is this: the last thing I want when I am ready to let loose in my art journal is to worry about my pages getting stuck or damaged later or having to restrict myself on the supplies I use ‘just in case’ they react later on.

So what can you do??

I know you have already tried everything you could think of and spent precious time searching the internet and YouTube for a solution!

I tried:

  • Different brands of paint (as some stick to have a different finish when they dry)
  • Various varnishes in gloss, satin and mat
  • Gel medium all over my pages
  • Clear gesso – that works but left my pages feeling gritty and a bit opaque, not what I wanted!

And then, I’m not entirely sure when or who gave the genius solution to all our problems but, here it is: a candle.

Yep, you heard right, a candle will stop sticky journal pages!
Watch the video below so I can show you exactly what to do, it’s easy and practically free!!

It always works for me and I can’t tell you how relieved and happy I am now that I don’t have (and never will have) sticky journal pages anymore 🙂

Try it out for yourself and let me know with a comment below what you think!

Love to you my Creative Friend,


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