Who doesn’t like inspiring quotes?!

Probably those stuck in the dark ages and those who are not open to how beautiful life can be…
Well, that’s ok, let’s leave those people in peace to do what they like but to you, I say WELCOME! 🙂

Now, you know just like me how powerful words can be: a simple sentence such as ”You are [insert negative word here]” can have an impact on someone’s ENTIRE life! But how many times do we need to here a ”You are [insert positive word here]” sentence before we actually accept and believe it? Amazing isn’t it? I think it takes a little self work and maturity before we can truly read words, let them sink in and only let them affect us in a positive way…

On this side of the intraweb, it’s all sunny though and you will only get love, motivation and inspiration from me 🙂

Today, I wanted to reduce the topic of ”words” in general to just quotes… Quotes can be so amazing, right?!
A handful of carefully selected words can instantly make us feel excited, motivated, happy, sad…
I find that most of the image quotes scattered online have beautiful words but the background usually don’t do justice to the content so…

I decided to create my own inspiring quote cards that (I hope you will agree) look just as beautiful as how they make you feel!

Let them guide you on a positive state of mind and feel free to share your favourite one(s) with the world so they too can feel good about themselves!

(If you don’t see the ”Pin It” button when you rollover your mouse on the image, just click on the buttons at the bottom of this page).

There is only one rule: please don’t modify them in any way as they have my copyrighted artwork 😉

Leave me a comment at the bottom of the page if there are words you would like me to illustrate and turn into inspiring quotes like the ones below – and make sure you visit often as I’ll be updating this page regularly!


PS: These inspiring quotes are great to add interest to your art journal pages too 😉