A sense of accomplishment…

WOW. What a journey this journal has been!

This journal took me about 7 months to fill up (I work in other journals too but this is my main one) and at first, I wasn’t even sure I’d enjoy it (oh how wrong I was lol)…

I started doing what most artists do with their journal: one page at at time and in order, date stamping each page… But I quickly realised it didn’t feel like me so I just started doing my own thing: slapping paint on some of the pages, doing one side of the journal, sometimes both at the same time, adding collage, etc until I found my own groove. I’m afraid that groove is not straight forward so my journal has a little bit of everything because I want to try everything 🙂

There is one constant throughout though: positivity and bright colours! Ok that’s 2 constants then.
I am a positive person and I do my best to stay that way no matter what… Even when I found a gorgeous vulnerable little lorikeet ‘resting’ in the street, as you will see on the video (it still makes me feel sad though).

Even though most pages are not dated, this journal represents my life over the last 7 months, going through some internal struggles, getting married and having fun on my honeymoon, going on roadtrips, experimenting, expressing myself, being me…

It is a very satisfying feeling to finish a journal, just like finishing a book actually!
This one has been an amazing adventure and I’m excited get started on the next one 😉

So come along with me on this art journal flip through and let me know if this video gives you a little inspiration…
Which one was your favourite page? Leave me a comment below!


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