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“No Shenanigans!” is a no-nonsense, beginner mixed media e-course
with 10.5 hours of detailed video instruction, teacher support & more!

No Shenanigans! Mixed media tutorials from start to finish by Mimi BondiThis mixed media e-course is perfect for you if you…

  • Are a beginner artist (no experience needed!) who wants clear instructions
  • Feel stuck creatively and would like to try a new style
  • Don’t want to, or can’t, buy a huge amount of art supplies
  • Think that painting is hard or you are not the creative type
  • Feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there
  • Want to really learn how an artist creates her paintings, with genuine tutorials (no fluffy or distracting content)

What’s great about this mixed media e-course?

  • You get 10.5 hours of high definition video workshop (fully edited), explaining what to do and how, step by step
  • All tutorials can be done with limited supplies so you can start learning fun and interesting techniques straight away
  • You don’t need any drawing or painting experience to create similar results
  • The workshops will help you build your confidence as an artist
  • You can do the tutorials on any surface (canvas, board, art journal, acrylic paper…)
  • Painting is just a great way to relax!


  • ”Before we jump in” PDF (Which surface you can use, Which tools you will need,  Which supplies to get first,  Mediums & Toys for Artists)
  • “A few handy tips” PDF (Cleaning, Drying your art, How to protect your beautiful paintings)
  • “Essential supplies” PDF (my recommended mixed media shopping list)
  • Chapter 1: “Loosen Up and Let Go” VIDEO WORKSHOP (1 hour & 15 mins) (more info about this workshop here)
  • Chapter 2: “Grow and Bloom” VIDEO WORKSHOP (2 hours & 15 mins) (more info about this workshop here)
  • Chapter 3: “Lost in a Dream” VIDEO WORKSHOP (45 mins) (more info about this workshop here)
  • Chapter 4: “Flower Power” VIDEO WORKSHOP (2 hours & 48 mins) (more info about this workshop here)
  • Chapter 5: “A Taste of Summer” VIDEO WORKSHOP (1 hour & 20 mins) (more info about this workshop here)
  • Chapter 6: “A Little Whimsy” VIDEO WORKSHOP (1 hour & 40 min) (more info about this workshop here)
  • Lifetime access so you can watch your mixed media e-course anywhere, anytime with access to the internet, and as many times as you wish 🙂
  • Access to the private Facebook support group where you can ask questions related to the e-course, share your work and get feedback from me and other supportive artists like you!
  • Any future updates

So… what are you waiting for?
Start your journey as an artist today, with my help!
See you in class 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: You will checkout & pay in AU$ but it will be converted into your currency on your bank account/statement (click here to convert to your currency). You will receive your login details within 24 hrs of your purchase. You cannot download this e-course BUT you get lifetime access. Please note online workshops are not refundable.

This mixed media e-course is also available as a HARD COPY BOOK and INDIVIDUAL VIDEO WORKSHOPS!

Reviews (2)


  1. Carmelina Saunders (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous course I am just a beginner and it was easy to follow. Well worth it

  2. Carmelina (verified owner)

    Have nearly finished this course. Well worth the money. Have done almost all the chapters and have had so much fun doing it

    • Mimi Moret

      That’s really awesome Carmelina, well done!! And thank you so much for your positive review 🙂

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