Together (we can feel stronger)

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Together, we can feel stronger!

There is no doubt in my mind that, when you are surrounded with loving people who support you, you can be a bigger and stronger person… Unfortunately, I haven’t always felt that way and grew up feeling like…

  • I could only really rely on myself if I wanted to get things done well: others made mistakes that could have been avoided if ‘I’ had done the work, they would take much longer than I would to do the work, would waste time and didn’t do things the way I would have…
  • No-one could ever look after ‘me’ or love me the way I really wanted or needed to be: no matter how hard I tried, relationships would end in sadness and loneliness, wondering why I had given so much love and energy to someone who didn’t return it…
  • No-one could feel as serious and be as committed as I was to what was important in my life, especially my art: I was told to get a real job, and made feel insecure when I would say I was an artist…

I wanted to shelter myself from disappointment!!

It’s true that you can’t expect others to give you what you need, what you want…
But, you can appreciate the positive things they give you (love, appreciation, support in any form…), reject what harms you (criticism, jaleousy, selfishness…) and work out the rest for yourself. After all, you are strong!!!

Has any of the feelings above changed today? Not really, I am still a one woman’s show but I have learnt to love myself more, to let my guards down and open up the door to my heart because, I am hopelessly romantic and loving…

Now I allow others to cross my path, touch my life in a positive way that makes me feel stronger, while staying grounded (represented below by the flowers getting close and mingling but growing from their own roots).

If you can relate to any of this then I think you will understand the inspiration behind this painting, and I hope that you too have found a way to feel stronger 🙂

”Together” | Lots of colour and silver highlights, hand painted with mixed media on thick art paper, approx. 30x40cm (12x16in), ready to frame.

Full painting:

"Together" We can feel stronger! | Mixed media painting by Mimi Bondi


"Together" We can feel stronger! | Mixed media painting by Mimi Bondi

"Together" We can feel stronger! | Mixed media painting by Mimi Bondi

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