My 10 favourite things to do in Bali!

After putting a fun video together of my Bali adventure (Did you miss my first VLOG, ”Come with me to Bali!”??? WATCH IT HERE!) I also wanted to share my 10 favourite things to do in Bali but with photos this time:

From opening my eyes wide like a kid while flying through clouds…
To the colourful craft markets of Ubud…
The refreshing wind on my face while speeding through back streets on a scooter…
Sitting by the ocean sipping on a cool drink…
Finding awesome handmade furniture and funky statues…

And so much more!!

Let me know if you enjoyed all my photos below (there are a lot!) by leaving me a little comment at the bottom of this page, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

With love and sunshine,

Mimi Bondi.


Are your bags packed? Ok… Let’s go!


Some of my favourite things to do there…

1. Book an awesome private villa from a local resident

2. Look for funky art everywhere!


3. Find beautiful places to eat at…


4. Explore!


5. Meet unusual and beautiful characters…


6. Hog a table and turn it into a mini art studio 🙂


7. Find treasures in shops packed with magical things…


8. Connect with the fascinating Balinese culture


9. Drool over gorgeous handcrafted recycled furniture!

I’m looking into importing some to Sydney – contact me if you are interested 😉


10. Pause and enjoy the present moment!


Let me know if it helped you experience what it was like for me over there by leaving me a comment below!

Love to you my Creative Friend,


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