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Mimi Bondi Exhition

I have always loved bright colours and movement, and painting, like dancing, is healing, relaxing, fulfilling and challenging as well.

When I paint, I attempt to capture positive feelings (joy, love, peace…) in a non figurative composition. I enjoy experimenting with different colour combinations and even though my styles may vary, my love for colour is constant.

What makes abstract art so interesting, in my opinion, is that viewers see different forms or figures in my abstract paintings – it is a great feeling to know that I give a freedom to the viewers to see, appreciate and interpret the shapes and I colour I choose to paint. In a way, painting in the eye of the viewer!
What they see when they look at my paintings is mostly based on their own experience and association to the colours I choose. Although, I always aim to convey positivity, it may not always come across that way! For example, red and yellow may express passionate and excitement to me but to another, it could just remind them of a fire that destroyed their house!

To me, painting is like meditating. It is an intimate moment between myself, the canvas and the myriad of colours available to play with. A connection develops and emotions are created, even though there is no recognisable form to hang onto. The challenge sometimes is getting the composition right, balancing the various elements (colours, lines, shapes) while conveying a feeling.

I think there is a special energy that makes each painting unique and original, an energy created out of experience and self-awareness, as well as materials and tools so… take your time and explore my world, give yourself the permission to relax and enjoy my art – you can’t appreciate a painting in a 5 second glance!

Allow yourself to be transported to a lighter, more positive place…


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Hi there, I'm Mimi!

Artist of Wonder ♥ Author ♥ Designer ♥ Teacher 
My style is vibrant, whimsical, expressive, full of positive energy!
From layering to collaging, throwing ink around, painting with my fingers…
To creating digital art… my creativity has no bounds!
I hope to share with you the joy and peace I experience when creating 🙂

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