I admit, I don’t exhibit ”in the flesh” often but after winning second prize at the Westmead Hospital art prize in July 2014, I jumped at the offer of doing a solo exhibition there!

How could I refuse sharing my art in an environment where positivity was just what the doctor prescribed??
I paint for myself first but it fuels my passion to know that what I do makes others feel good, happy and excited. It gives me a purpose!

And when I was told I could bring up to 50 artworks, well… I brought everything I had, making my own house very bleak 😉

My paintings took residency there for 6 weeks over Christmas… I feel so grateful and blessed to have had so many sales and to have met so many lovely people!
Here are a few photos of the exhibition, thank you so, so much for the amazing, kind and encouraging feedback from staff, patients and visitors…