How to paint your light switch cover tutorial

Did you know you can easily paint your light switch covers and turn them

from being boring white pieces of plastic to little pieces of art?


It’s actually pretty easy!! I’ll explain how I did (not saying it’s the best way but it worked for me)…

You will need:

– Obviously, a blank light switch cover (they are easy to pull off the wall. If you feel like something is holding on then be careful, you may not be pulling on a cover but a whole unit)
– Llight grit sand paper
– Gesso
– Acrylic paints
– Gloss varnish suitable for acrylic paint


Step 1

Lightly sand the cover with your light grit sand paper. It’s best to go gently to avoid scratching the plastic too much.
If you do scratch it, don’t worry too much as it probably won’t be very noticeable once it is painted (your eyes will focus on the design rather than the scratch)
Make sure you sand all sides and edges as well.

Step 2

Using an art paintbrush preferably with fine hair (it will give you a smoother finish), paint a thin layer of undiluted gesso.
Let dry (you can speed this up with a hairdryer but don’t go to close) and apply another thin layer.
You may want to do a very light sand if you see brush marks at this stage.

Step 3

The fun part!!!
Now it’s up to you to be creative. You could paint or draw freehand, or print a design to trace onto the plate. You could also stamp a design with ink then paint it.
Don’t be afraid to be bold 😉 You can use gel ink pens to add details and if there is something  you don’t like, just wait until it’s dry enough and paint over it.

Step 4

Once you are happy with your design and it’s been dry for a while, apply a thin layer of varnish. I prefer spray varnish as it gives a much more even finish than the ones you apply with a brush.
But use what you have and prefer. Once dry, apply another thin layer and continue until you achieved the desired of gloss you like.

Step 5

When it’s all dry, just pop the light plate cover back over your power points and enjoy!

If you would like some inspiration, a quick google search will provide you with many ideas done by talented people 😉

Hope you find this tutorial useful!
Feel free to leave me a comment below with any questions or photos of the ones you have created 🙂