A few weeks ago I decided to start a new art journal… One can’t have too many art journals, right??!
Oh well, I have an A4 art journal and a baby art journal that is only A6 size (about 10 x 15 cm) so I had an excuse to get something in the middle!

This one is a weird size at about 18 x 25 cm and the pages are very thin so I had to glue 2 together and primed them well with gesso before starting.
I do love being able to do spreads and that’s probably why everyone is raving on about art journaling in those expensive Moleskine books 😉
I think I am slowly working towards getting one of those…

Anyway, after preparing my pages I decided to just play! I started by spraying the pages randomly with my homemade acrylic sprays and once that was dry, I drew a large bird and got my metallic acrylic paints out. I hadn’t used them in quite a while and boy did I miss them once I remembered how cool they look!
I love the effect of the light reflecting and different colours showing depending on the angle you look at them. I didn’t need to add much to be in love with this art journal spread and so I left it quite simple as the colours and reflections are the stars here!

I’ll be posting other art journal spreads I have done shortly 🙂

Mimi Bondi.

A Force From Above, art journal page by Mimi Bondi