Another spread in my art journal!

I’m not sure why but the eyes I painted seem to be so full of underlying sadness… I wasn’t planning to, it just happened!
This prompted me to reflect on a few of my feelings and thoughts which are summed up in this lovely quote (not written by me) that I hand wrote around the face:

“Everyone says that love hurts, but that’s not true.
Loneliness hurts.
Rejection hurts.
Losing someone hurts.
Everyone confuse these things with love, but in reality,
love is the only in this world that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.”

I feel really  happy with the way this journal spread turned out! I love the contrast between the greens and the pink/purples of her hair and how her sad blue eyes are the first thing you notice.

Hope you love it too 🙂

Mimi Bondi.