Let’s art journal with Mermaid Markers! (ST66)

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Mermaid Markers… To start with!

I have a pack of those beautiful Mermaid Markers by Jane Davenport, maybe you do too?
Although they are pretty attractive, I won’t lie… I am just not too sure what to do with them. Maybe you know what I mean??
I don’t draw beautiful mermaids like she does but there is just something appealing about letting ink flow out of brushes…
So I decided to adapt them to my messy style of painting.

Mermaid Markers, here I come!

  1. I decided just to go with the (ink) flow and play by creating beautiful ink ribbons of colour with my markers…
    No special plan, just spread the ink and spray a little water to make them go ‘yeah’! Ok, maybe not too yeah as I don’t want water and ink to leak everywhere! A little paper towel bloating always stops potential disasters 😉
  2. Once I was safe again, I went at my pages with my hand carved stamps and some ink, just to add some texture you know…?
  3. Once I was done stamping, I pulled out my stencils (can’t go wrong with stamps and stencils!) and some paints… Then maybe a little more stamping/stencilling. And some finger painting of course… I can’t get enough!
  4. I was finally happy with the results, I did a little unreadable art journalling with a white gel pen and… Covered it up with a stencil and some modelling paste. Just enough texture to pop on top of my busy layers 😉

The process isn’t very complicated but I love it!

Watch the video tutorial below and let me know your thoughts on this with a comment below (scroll down to the bottom of the page) as I always love to hear from you!

With love and sunshine,
Mimi Bondi

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  1. I love watching your little videos Mimi, very inspirational!

    • Mimi Moret

      Aww thanks so much Lisa!! I haven’t got as much time as I used to to make them! So happy to hear they are inspiring you 😉 xx

  2. This proves that you, Mimi, can make magic with any art product! There is so much I admire in this journal spread. Have a beautiful day!

    • Mimi Moret

      Thanks so much Heather!! 🙂

  3. I have seen these markers but was not sure but now I am – I have to buy some. Again another lovely colourful happy tutorial
    many thanksx

    • Mimi Moret

      Thank you Bernadette, I am so glad I could inspire you to use them, maybe in a different way they were intended to hehe 😉

    • I bought the markers months ago and haven’t used them because like you I didn’t know what or how to use them. Thank you Mimi for the inspiration!!! Many thanks, Anna (Victoria).

    • Mimi Moret

      I’m so glad I am not the only one having things I don’t know what to do with hahaha So glad I could inspire you Anna 😉

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