Bangkok Trip highlights with tons of photos!

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Ready for a little trip??

A few weeks ago I released a video travel vlog of our Bangkok adventure but here it is if you missed it:

My birthday Bangkok adventure! Mimi Bondi

I really wanted to share some of my photos of our Bangkok trip with you as well so I finally put some time aside to sort them all out…
You will find a selection of my favourite ones below (I took so many!) that I hope will give you a little taste of the amazing things I saw there.
There are many awesome markets over there so I admit I spent a lot of time looking at market stalls haha
Thankfully Hubby was very patient and followed me for hours on end on several days… I did leave him at a massage salon once while I shopped and he was happy 😉


Highlights from my Bangkok trip


  • Chatuchak Market

I had been to the Chatuchak market once before (more than 12 years ago) and all I could remember from it was that it was very big. One website tells me it has over 8000 stalls but this one says 15000! Either way, it was ginormous!!! You can walk ALL DAY and not see the same stall twice and a result, it was like exercising 🙂

The best part (to Pete’s sorrow) is that pretty much every stall has different items on offer so I had no choice but turn in to a machine. I just had to keep going so I could see it all 🙂 Because we ran out of cash on our first day there, we couldn’t even afford a taxi back to the hotel! As a result we were forced to walk a bit and familiarize ourselves with the train system (which is very good) 🙂

We made it back to our room and I collapsed on the bed, all shopped out but so happy.. I just love finding unique things nobody else has back home!
Seems like Pete must have been drugged at some point because he agreed to go back there again on our last day. Gotta love him!!
I don’t think a Bangkok trip would be complete without visiting this awesome market 🙂


  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha

It was extremely hot and totally packed with thousands of people (it even felt like millions!) but the Temple of the Emerald Buddha was really worth seeing! The actual statue of the Emerald Buddha was not that exciting though because it is only about 26 inches (66 cm) tall. We could have almost missed it! We were not allowed to take photos so here’s the best one I could find.
What I found amazing were all the pagodas (the tiered pointy towers with multiple eaves), giant statues all around the grounds, the incredible detailed carvings on EVERYTHING. My eyes were even hurting a little because of all the gold that shines everywhere you look (but you know I didn’t mind that!).


  • Pratunam Market

Ok, I didn’t even take any photos there because we couldn’t find it at first… We walked through covered aisles of closed market stalls, feeling disappointed and then at the end of one aisle, I saw something colourful… We walked towards the ‘light’ and then, it was like falling into the rabbit hole!! Open stalls with people everywhere and colourful treasures as far as my eyes could see!! Hoorray! Once again, we walked for hours never finding the same thing (oh joy!!!) and I bought many hippy clothes there. We even found a wholesale market with original and great quality clothes for a fraction of what they’d cost in Australia. I felt so happy I can’t even describe it to you (and I may have ran out of cash again there lol). Pratunam Market, I will come back to you soon!


  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Definitely a must-see on a Bangkok trip and well, there is NO WAY we could have missed that buddha because the statue is a whopping 46 meters (150 feet) long. YIKES. I knew it was going to be big but not THIS big! You will see from the photos below that I couldn’t even fit the whole statue in my viewfinder lol Definitely worth seeing even though it didn’t take long. However there are lovely gardens, statues and pagodas outside that most people skip. Silly them. There is SOOO much more to see!
If you’re interested you can find out more info here.


I could keep on writing about our awesome our Bankok trip but my RSI is going to get worse and you’ll get bored so I’m going to stop here 🙂
I sincerely hope you will enjoy the photos below and I’d love to hear your comments (or questions) at the bottom of this page!

Love to you,


  1. Wow………..some real beauty there. Looks as though you were all over the place…..LOL Thanks for sharing.

    • mimibondi

      Well, Bangkok is a BIG place and although we thought we saw quite a bit, I know there is a lot more to discover!! Glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂 xx

  2. Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos

    • mimibondi

      You are welcome Nancy! Hope it gave you a little taste of what it’s like over there 🙂

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