Now I feel special…

Who wouldn’t want to go on a Bangkok adventure? I sure do!!

So there I was, discussing birthday celebration plans on the couch with hubby Pete, about a month before my 40th…
Although Pete has MANY qualities, planning celebrations and gifts is not his favourite thing!
I have had to explain many times how loved and special it makes me feel to receive a present from him… That knowing he has put some effort into finding something for me matters more than the present itself but still… He leaves things until the last minute and struggles with ideas…
It’s tough to be a man hahaha

But 40 is quite a number, right? And that deserve an extra special event, wouldn’t you agree?
So I suggested a little Bangkok adventure!
He had never been (twice for me but a LONG time ago) and you can find good deals on flights and accommodation here in Australia.
So, I did my research and put my proposal forward and, he agreed, YAY!


Want to come on a Bangkok adventure with us?

My birthday Bangkok adventure! Mimi BondiBring a bottle of water because it is hot there!!

I won’t tell you too much about it just yet because I will write a blog post with lots of photos in a few weeks. Stay tuned and make sure you are on my newsletter so you don’t miss it.
But in the meantime, I spent quite a bit of time putting all our Bangkok adventure video tidbits together in the hope that it will give you a delicious taste of what it’s like over there so… Please watch my video vlog and let me know your thoughts!

Love to you my Creative Friend,


Want a little taste of Bali too?
We went there (again) for our 1st wedding anniversary…

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