Colour addiction: 50 shades of turquoise | Mimi Bondi

For as long as I can remember, I have been a turquoise addict (and I mean, all shades of turquoise).
Raise your hand and say ‘AYE’ if you’re one of them too!!!

When I was little, I was already addicted to all shades of turquoise… I would go through travel articles in my parent’s magazines to cut out all the pretty photos of islands and turquoise seas. I would take them back to my bedroom and stick them all over the walls! Most of them were around my desk where, I admit, I would spend more time singing along to music and daydreaming than doing homework!

As a teenager I bought myself one of those giant landscape wallpaper kit and covered an entire wall with a giant photo of a deserted patch of beach. White sand in the foreground, palm trees bringing some shade on the side and of course, clear turquoise water.
I loved laying in bed staring at it, wondering what it must be like to go to such an amazing tropical paradise!
Names that felt exotic to me would dance around in my mind: Fiji, Bora Bora, Barrier Reef, Australia…

One words sums it all up!

I guess the ONE word all these shades of turquoise had (and still have) in common for me was this: DREAM.

Because my parents divorced when I was 12, I think I felt quite lonely as a teenager. I didn’t quite realise or understand it back then of course but my bedroom was my refuge. I filled it with dreams of escape! Now, my home is my refuge and I did escape… to Australia 😉
I love surrounding myself with turquoise: from walls I painted, to objects, my paintings, the beautiful near beaches…
I even painted the outside of my house turquoise and you can’t miss it if you come for a workshop!

Seems like I am a very lucky girl! I now live in beautiful Australia and I have visited some of those ‘living’ shades of turquoise I dreamt of like the Barrier Reef and Fiji. Yes I am lucky, and truly grateful! I also believe I somehow made it happen, with the help of the Universe 😉

So many shades of turquoise and I love them all!

If you are addicted to that dreamy colour just like me, you will enjoy going on a little trip through the various shades of turquoise in my Pinterest board! It’s a fun collection of many things (tiles, jewellery, worn wooden doors, rooms…) that bring me inspiration (and escape). I’d like to share it with you, check it out below:

Colour addiction: 50 shades of turquoise | Mimi Bondi

Love to you my Creative Friend,


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PPS: I’m loving my turquoise glasses with custom inscription 😉

Mimi Bondi's turquoise glasses

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