Did you get your freebies?

In my last post, I shared 9 free watercolour circles printables as a thank you for your ongoing support. Isn’t it nice to get some pretty presents every now and then? I sure think so and I know you will appreciate them ๐Ÿ˜‰
Download them for free here if you haven’t already…

I also mentioned I might just do a tutorial using them so, here we go!

Going around in watercolor circles!

I started with the ‘outlined’ watercolor circles onย my background, cut out more watercolour circles from another printable, added a little paint and some doodles here and there… Too easy!

And for once (this may shock you), I decided to leave some blank space. No, I’m not sick hahaha
The pretty watercolor circles have such a delicate feel I felt it would be a shame to cover them completely and crowd them with lots of paint. Not this time anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

Overall, I kept everything quite simple here butย you could certainly add more marks or paint until you are happy. I mainly wanted to give you some ideas of what to do with that pretty freebie.

Let me know your thoughts with a comment at the bottom of this pageย as I always love to hear from you…

Love to you my Creative Friend,


Watercolor Circles free mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi

Watercolor Circles free mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi

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Free Watercolor Paper Printables by Mimi Bondi

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