Studio Time 6 – ”Take Your Time” (beginner mixed media tutorial)

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Take your time…

This beginner mixed media tutorial is a little longer than usual because I wanted you to see more of my thinking process while I create!
I wanted to explain why I think something will work or not and why I decide to go one way or another… Just so you can see that creativity is not always instant and magical 😉

It’s important to take your time and let things develop naturally! If you are feeling a bit stuck, just walk away for a while and come back to your art…

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


List of supplies

Almost all supplies I use can be found at The Mixed Media Store here.

– flower stencil (unknown manufacturer but anything similar will give similar results)
– acrylic paint: Liquitex Basics in brilliant purple, light blue violet, light blue permanent and quinacridone magenta
white Sharpie oil or water based pen (medium tip)
– Prismacolor pencil (90% warm grey)
– ink pad: by Stazon stone gray, Brilliance Galaxy Gold, Brilliance Moonlight White
– black gelato stick
– Kaisercraft stamp ”Flourish”
– PanPastel light gold
Texture paste or Modeling paste
white gel pen
– letters stamp set (unknown manufacturer but any set will be fine, but you can also handwrite the words!)


Watch the process as I create happiness in my art journal 😉

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  1. I have only just stumbled onto your magical work via you tube…….love love love!
    Good to see an Aussie making beautiful art and putting it out to the universe. Loved the colours so much raced out and got them and did my own page. Inspired me plus to use other mediums. Don’t stop making these wonderful splash of colours. Big fan!!!

    • mimibondi

      Thanks so much Tracey!! Glad to connect with other Aussies even if we had to meet on the intraweb first! Which colours did you get and which page inspired you the most?? xx from Sydney mimi

  2. Mimi,
    I think your page is exquisite! I am a beginner at art journaling………only done about 5 double page spreads, but none of them look like yours. I really don’t know how I even found you, but I am so glad I did. You are truly a great inspiration and I loved the video. What kind of journal is that, and did you gesso the page before you began? Thank you for sharing your work.

    • mimibondi

      Thank you so much Sharon! Don’t worry it takes practice and the more you do it the better it gets ☺ I use a Moleskine art plus journal. I didnt put gesso this time because my journal is getting fat now so im avoiding unnecessary layers lol But, i put gesso on the back of the right page (the back of the left was already painted) because the modelling paste made it buckle a little when drying. I recommend putting some if like me you just go with the flow. If you don’t do anything thick or too wet then that particular journal (art plus) doesn’t need gesso in my opinion.

  3. Very inspiring tutorial – love your creative ideas and your handmade stamps in particular. I’d be so excited if you could demonstrate how you make them in a tutorial!

    • mimibondi

      Hi Suzanne, and thank you for your comment! You’re not the first person to ask about a stamp tutorial… I’m far from being an expert but I’ll think about it

  4. Thank you for sharing your videos with us, I find them inspirational and makes me want to create my own sketchbook full of creative ideas. I love sketchbooks and have a collection of them however I find I start them and don’t complete them and end up with a load of sketchbooks that aren’t colourful or meaningful to me. Hope you don’t mind me asking how many hours or days do you allow yourself to devote yourself to your sketchbooks?

    • mimibondi

      Thank you so much for your message Jo! I don’t really have a schedule with the journals, I just do it when I feel like it. Sometimes I start a page in there that I don’t finish but I don’t worry about it and I go back to it when I’m ready or if I don’t like the page or don’t feel inspired by it anymore, I just gesso or paint over it! I also started a few journals until I found the ones that worked for me so what I did was this: I cut all the pages I liked from the various journals and stuck them all into one. Suddenly, I had a mixed media art journal a third full and that got me going! Now I just stick to 2or 3 journals (all different sizes) but if do something elsewhere I know I can cut and paste it in there too. Perhaps this idea will help you too. Let me know?

    • Thank you so much for your advice I feel inspired and excited to have a go 🙂

    • mimibondi

      It’s my pleasure Jo! Hope you’re on my newsletter to keep in touch

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you create this lovely page. In addition, I love the handmade stamps you have made thus far, and they have inspired me to finally go out and purchase a nice carving set and several erasers. I own my dad’s beautiful German dental carving instruments, so I will soon begin making my own stamps. Thank you for taking the time to create such wonderful videos, for not only are they instructional, I also find such pleasure, watching you develop your pages, using bright, playful, and colorful products, for they make such happy pages, which I think about, long after the video is over.

    • mimibondi

      Dear Cheryl, thank you so so much for your thoughtful comment! It really touches me to hear I have inspired you to make your own stamps (it is very exciting to create something nobody else has) and to hopefully paint as well, if you’re a painter! If not then I hope my upcoming mixed media book and ecourse will be something that helps remedy that Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment, it makes me want to share even more

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