Ask any artist about colour and they will tell you that the colour blue is one of the most inspiring colours. As you may have already noticed by looking at my art, I have been inspired by that enigmatic, soothing and electric colour blue, since day 1! It just brings inspiration I cannot explain: when I see turquoise, in particular, my eyes are instantly drawn to it!

I am pretty sure it is because I grew up in a part of France that is better know for its green forests and is far, far away from anything tropical. So when I would see photos of beaches with white sand which made the blue of the sea pop, I’d instantly imagine how wonderful it would be to be to travel to these exotic location! We always want what we can’t have and tropical islands were definitely something I never thought I could ever see 😉

So, it’s easy to see that I associated the colour blue with images of tropical seas and mystical islands, of dreams and beauty and ever since, just seeing that colour makes me feel excited and energised all of a sudden!

Inspiring colour blue

Hem, no, that’s not me (I”m sure it could if I didn’t like peanut M&M’s so much!)

Actually, speaking about the ocean… This reminds me of my great friend John who returned one night from work in one hell of a bad mood due to his boss ticking him off. I suggested taking a slow walk on the soft beach sand to take his worries away and it wasn’t long before I noticed a smile appearing on his face. Always curious, I asked him what led to the sudden change in his mood and he calmly told me that the clear blue skies, the soft feel of the sand on his feet and the lovely greens and blues of the water did the trick. He then tripped and landed face down on the soft sand (Oops!). Thankfully, he didn’t lose his cool and kept on talking and walking with me 😉

You see, blue has a very calming quality and that is probably why, out of all the colours available in the rainbow, blue is the most popular one? We live in such a fast paced world, always rushing around and stressing about many things… Often worrying about things we have no control over or that haven’t even happened!

Well, as an artist, I feel that one of my goals is to take you away from that stress and to stir positive emotions in you 🙂 And, you know it, my favourite way to achieve that is to create original art with powerful colours (such as blue). And when I say blue, I mean not only turquoise but also teal, azure, cerulean, cobalt, cyan, indigo, ultramarine… there are so many shades to play with!

I can’t help it, blue sneaks in everywhere in my paintings!

And so many emotions to be felt… For example, don’t we paint the walls of our baby boys’ room in pastel blue in the hope it will create a peaceful environment for him (…meaning a good night sleep for us!)?
Doesn’t ultramarine remind you of velvet and royalty? I get a feel of elegance and depth when I use it in my art, especially when I combine it with purples or contrast it with red for a really strong impact.
And what about the teal background in a stormy sky, about to reveal its power and force onto us?

Did you know that the colour blue can even lower your blood pressure (as opposed to red!)? I certainly didn’t but when you think of what happened to my friend John, you soon get to see the cooling and soothing long-lasting effect blue can have!

Over my many years playing with paint and experimenting with colour, it has been with great enjoyment that I have discovered just what a psychological effect the colour blue can have on our emotions. I must admit that being able to create these emotions through my abstract paintings and whimsical art makes me feel a bit like a magician! I’d love to hear what effect my art has on you and if you can’t express it in words, that’s ok, just savour the moment and let it move you! Or just tell me which painting is your favourite 😉

Remember, you don’t have to live near tropical seas to feel its many benefits… Simply having a trigger (such as a painting with colours that reminds you of the beach) can be enough to take you there. That’s why I love showing my art online as it allows me to reach out to you and hopefully make you feel good. After all, we can never underestimate the power of our imagination! And it’s always free to dream 🙂

Mimi Bondi.