My art journal is my playground!

The beauty of having an art journal is that it’s all yours, and yours only.
You are free to do WHATEVER you like in it, without judgment from yourself, or anyone else.

I want you to think of it as ”MY PLAYGROUND” because it is! You should feel free to experiment with various art supplies and see how they react, find new ways to express your thoughts and feelings in writing, in paint, through stamping or stenciling or anything that feels good to you…

Just remember to ”play” and please, please, please… Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t ‘look’ good, you can always cover it up later on 😉

And I keep trying to remember everyone, what matters here, in your art journal, is the process, NOT the result!

Now, let this free art journal tutorial transport you to my playground and hopefully inspire you to shake things off and tell yourself ‘‘what the hell, let’s have some fun!” 🙂
It’s so easy to do a child could follow (child, playground, fun… hint, hint lol).

Please show me what your playground looks like by posting a photo in the private Facebook group here.

Happy painting!


Supplies used: (click on blue links to get the same ones!)

Check out my favourite art supplies and where I get them from.

Free art journal tutorial ''My Playground''| Mimi Bondi

Free art journal tutorial ''My Playground''| Mimi Bondi

Free art journal tutorial ''My Playground''| Mimi Bondi

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