Amazing what you can find while you’re cleaning… 

How about some comic book pages? Art turning into more art!

Yep, nothing like a little spring cleaning (even though it’s summer right now lol)… I decided to be ruthless with my old pile of books and discovered an Asterix comic book in my stash that I read once maybe 10 years ago!

I feel weird about destroying books (it feels wrong, don’t you agree??) but I thought…
Better to do use it than bin it and waste it!

And so, I ripped the comic book pages into pieces and used them to create an totally awesome background in my art journal! I didn’t know if it would lead to anywhere interesting at first but, I loved the colours and that was a start…

It then inspired me to add a comic book bubble on top as a main focal point and then an inspiring comic book quote by, wait for it, non other than… Batman! Yes! Hahaha. Even Batman can have deep thoughts it seems ;-)!

I hope this free art journal tutorial will inspire you to check out your book shelves and see if you find any treasures (such as those comic book pages) that you could also use in your art! If you do, make sure to show me what you created in the private Facebook group here.

Happy painting!


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Art journal tutorial with comic book pages by Mimi Bondi

Art journal tutorial with comic book pages by Mimi Bondi

Art journal tutorial with comic book pages by Mimi Bondi

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