Free texture printables to use in your mixed media!

Free texture printables to use in your mixed media art!

How about some texture printables this time? I think your collection of free printables is growing quite nicely now, right?!
These are really fun to use as a background in your art journal or mixed media art!
Simply print them up (all files all high resolution so you are guaranteed to get great quality when you print them at home, or at your local print copy office!) and tear them to pieces to create a background collage…
You could use the whole page as a background or mix pieces out from each of the 5 designs and create a really fun piece!

To download them, click on the image below. You will be taken to my Google Drive folder offering you all 5 texture printables up for grabs! Simply right click on the one of your choice and hit ‘download’.
By the way, I made them available in both A4 AND US size because I want everyone in the world to be able to use them without faffing around with their printer settings 😉

Let me know if you like them and what you are going to do with them by leaving me a comment at the bottom of this page.

Love to you my Creative Friend,


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Free texture printables to use in mixed media, craft & card making

Free texture printables to use in mixed media, craft & card making

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