Have you been stalking me…?

Have you been stalking me in my lounge room??

I kind of hope so!!! 😉

My Lounge Sessions are now in full swing and I have already shared 10 of them with you!

If you’re a little behind or missed my last email…
Lounge Sessions are sneak peek videos of what I do in my secondary studio (in my lounge!).
My time to play and create videos during the day is quite limited at the moment as my Mixed Media Store is keeping me quite busy! So I created a secondary studio in my lounge room and I share what I do there, in a more ‘raw’ format  😉

If you want to:

  • Watch all first 10 videos (and more!!)
  • Find all the details about these crazy Lounge Sessions and
  • Subscribe to be notified of each new video as there will be PLENTY MORE…


Have you been stalking me? Watch the first 10 mixed media lounge sessions with Mimi Bondi

Please note Lounge Sessions are separate from my Newsletter so you won’t get them unless you subscribe on the Lounge Session page below…

Love and Sunshine to you my Creative Friend!!

Mimi Bondi

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