How to make a gel print journal

I showed you the contents of my first journal on Instagram and Facebook, then I did a video with a flip through and now…
It’s time to show you how to make a gel print journal since so many of you requested it πŸ™‚

As I mentioned earlier, it’s very simply made and it’s far from being perfect!
Pages are not cut perfectly to the same size, not everything lines up perfectly but do I care? Not in the least!
If you would like to measure everything perfectly you will no doubt end up with a neater finish but… I don’t have time for that hahaha

All you need to make your own is your stash of gel prints (and I know you have a bunch lurking around!!), some tape and some glue (it could be gel medium, double sided tape, etc).
If you have a paper trimmer, it will help speed up the process but if all you have are scissors, that’s fine too πŸ™‚

This is a very long video so it’s split in 2 parts.
If you had fun with it then do leave a comment below!!!
And make sure you to post a photo of what you created with this tutorial in the Facebook group here so I can see your beautiful gel print journal πŸ™‚

With love and sunshine,

xx mimi bondi


List of supplies used:

  • Gel prints (all mine are done on this cardstock)
  • Scissors (paper trimmer optional)
  • Double sided tape, gel medium, or your preferred glue
  • Tape to bind your pages together (I use framing tape)
  • Cloth tape (or similar) for the spine (I got mine from the hardware store)