I’m still kicking!! Just about… 😉

I CANNOT belieeeeevvveee I have been AWOL for 2 months!
A warm thank you to those of you who have contacted me to see if I was ok… I truly appreciate you checking on me!
Yes, I am ok my Lovely! I just went through 2 months of pure madness due to Covid19…

In March, my other half Pete and I went overseas to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. Jee, where does the time go??
If you missed seeing my awesome wedding dress (that I have completely outgrown from overeating!!) and our lovely intimate day, you can read all about it in the blog post I shared with you a few years ago 😉
We had a truly wonderful and relaxing time but little did I know then what kind of madness was about to happen!
We saw Australians buying toilet paper overseas in a tiny village and laughed how silly that was…
We were browsing market stalls and someone told us ”did you hear? They may close Australia soon!”
That just sounded so ridiculous that we kept on laughing and then…

We landed back in Australia at 9am on 14th March and at midnight that day, anyone returning from overseas had to isolate themselves from 14 days. Not long after, they did ‘close Australia’ (well, the borders hahaha) and you know what happened next!
We certainly did not realise how serious things were at first but that changed very quickly!
Out of precaution, Pete’s boss told him to isolate himself for 2 weeks even though he didn’t have to and I was so excited to have him home! Except at the very same time, many of you had to confine themselves as well and… You know what being stuck at home means for creative souls like us… :

I need art supplies... Now!!! Mimi Bondi Blog

Can you relate? 🙂 🙂 🙂

YEP, you didn’t need to say anything because… I knew!!

And right there and then, chaos started HAHAHA

Good chaos of course! But crazy chaos that resulted in me working 12 hours a day, monday to friday, weekendS and even public holidays (Easter DID happen this year, right?! I remember lots of chocolate and then… nothing LOL) 😉

The exchange rate between the Aussie and US dollar got really bad but I kept on ordering stock to make sure my creative friends would not run out because, I know all too well how we need art to get through stressful times! All this work resulted in me having NO time to create, film videos, send out newsletters or even just think of anything else but the Mixed Media Store LOL

When the 2 weeks of confinement were over for Pete, he gladly returned to work (I say ”gladly” because I kicked his butt to finish lots of jobs around the house instead of sitting on the couch!) for 2 days and….
At the end of day 2, as he was just leaving… His boss told him he was relocating him 1 hour away, starting from the next morning, for an indefinite period of time (meaning, maybe forever)!!!


With no prior warning or hint, this was a real shock for him (and I). This wasn’t ‘punishment’ for anything that he had done but they needed to ‘let someone go’ from that particular workplace and since everyone else was already pretty chummy and Pete was the last one to start there, they picked him :/

We decided together that there was no way he was going to waste 2 hours of his life on the road travelling to work every day so he eventually had no choice but to resign.
Yep, not the best time to do so but I didn’t doubt he would find a new job as he is very skilled and experienced in his field.
Of course there were no new jobs for about 4 weeks after that, which got him really worried, but when one popped up, he got it straight away 😉

He had 2 months off all up and we did not get any quality time together because I was so swamped with work and guess what…
The day he started his new job, things started getting back to ‘normal’ again for me LOL Typical!

Anyway… All this to say I’m still kicking (and I certainly hope you are too) and still trying to catch up on everything!
I am grateful to be ok and so lucky. and hoping to film new videos for you soon (not sure when yet though).
Before being able to do that, I am also trying to grab any free moment I can to get some rest and trying to relight my creative fire 🙂

I also want to say how grateful I am to have you as my Creative Friend 🙂

With love and sunshine,

xx mimi bondi

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