Lounge Session 5


In Lounge Session 5 I started with a page that was almost finished but… needed something extra. Sometimes you don’t need much to make your page feel complete!

mimi bondi


LOUNGE SESSIONS are sneak peek videos into my daily creative life, in my secondary studio (in my lounge room!)... If you love mixed media then come share these unedited moments with me!

I'm only able to share these little videos because I am cutting down on time video editing, not listing supplies used (I'll try to show you as much as possible what I'm using in the videos) and not replying to questions about the video (read the full info about how Lounge Sessions came about right here).

However, I still want to feel the love so leave me a comment below to let me know if you're finding this fun!

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  1. Hi Mimi! I always look forward to the daily lounge session! I am really enjoying them!
    I am wondering…
    Is there any way to show a closer view while your working? So we can “feast our eye’s” :)… better on your juicy works of art!?

    Thank you for sharrrrimg, luv!! You’re awesome!!!

    • Mimi Moret

      Thanks Melissa! Not really I’m afraid. As I explained in the intro video, this is a secondary studio in a corner of my lounge and these Lounge Sessions are just bonus videos. Please do watch the intro 🙂 xx

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