Magazine mixed media tutorial “Daphne’s Diary” (ST32)

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Inspired to create magazine mixed media art today!

Do you know about Daphne’s Diary magazine? I didn’t until I found a copy of it at the airport on my way to Bali.
Pretty pastel flowers and vintage images are not normally my style but… I couldn’t resist buying this magazine when I saw all the lovely goodies inside!
Did I mention this magazine is printed on thin quality mat paper therefore perfect to use in your collages? This inspired to create a little magazine mixed media art today 🙂

I mention my Bali Vlog in the video and if you’ve missed it, please come with me to Bali here (just a quick ride!) or just have a look at my favourite things to do there.

So I started on a page in my journal where I had collected some paint from previous projects… And decided to tear some pieces out from that pretty magazine to create a little ‘magazine media art’ lol

Follow me along in this new tutorial! I was in a good mood today and as a result, I happily blab on almost throughout the video lol
Let me know with a comment below if you enjoyed this magazine mixed media page!

Love to you my Creative Friend,


List of supplies used: (click on blue links to get the same ones)

Magazine mixed media art tutorial | Mimi Bondi

Magazine mixed media art tutorial | Mimi Bondi

Magazine mixed media art tutorial | Mimi Bondi

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  1. Hello Mimi. I recently bought your “No Shenanigans” book & just love it! The colours, the designs, the words; the ART!!! ALL brilliant…. It has become one of my favourite art book coz it’s a “no rules” approach. I especially love the paper it’s printed on; how delicious!

    • mimibondi

      Dear Anna, Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it makes me really happy! ?? I would love it if you could leave me a review either on Amazon (I need to tell the world!) Or my website here on the review tab So glad you are having fun with paint! xx mimi

  2. Oh gosh, Mimi! This piece is so so beautiful! Thanks for the video! I love what you said about leaving it as is and not adding a focal point because I struggle with that when I’m creating. But you’re so right! It doesn’t “need” anything else!

    • mimibondi

      That’s right Michelle! What a lot of people consider a ”background” is actually simply abstract art and can be left as is to be enjoyed, instead of always being covered up 🙂 So glad you enjoyed this mixed media tutorial! xx mimi

  3. love it and happy to see that you called it finished without having to add words or focal point etc. Thanks for this great tutorial.

    • mimibondi

      I’m glad you agree! An abstract piece is just as lively ? Thanks for your comment, mimi

  4. Love this page 😉

    • mimibondi

      Thank you Dianne, hope it inspired you!

  5. I loved this tutorial. I purchased your book and have had fun especially finger painting.

    • mimibondi

      Thank you for getting my book Bernadette, that’s awesome! Finger painting is sooo liberating ? Hope to see some of your creations from the book in the support group at xx mimi

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