Can’t choose colors to save yourself…?

Then here’s the most simple and effective color wheel I have ever seen!

Have you ever looked into color theory online? If so, you probably realised there is no shortage of color wheel photos and long articles about the subject.
Trying to explain, or even understand, why certain colors work better together than others can be challenging!
As a result, it doesn’t take long to feel confused about the whole thing…
If you are like me you, I think you would rather be painting than researching, right? Yes, I thought so too 🙂

Easy or hard?

It seems for some people that matching colours doesn’t take any effort…
I will pause here to say how thankful to be told over and over that I am good with color, although I can’t explain why!
But, for some (and maybe you?), it can be nightmare… Again, I have no explanation why here. I guess we can’t be awesome at everything, right??

Either way, it really doesn’t matter now because the color wheel from is here!
It’s a great tool to give you beautiful color combinations guaranteed to work, whether you are after a contrasting/cheerful effect, or a more muted/soft feeling.

Note: If combining colors is child-play for you, I recommend bookmarking the page anyway! You can come back to it when you need a little inspiration, or just want to try something fresh in your art.

So how does it work?

Let me just say the reason I wanted to share this particular color wheel with you is because it really is foolproof!
It’s super simple with no gimmicks so a visual person, you will instantly get the results you are hoping for.
By the way, I am not affiliated with the site, I just love the simplicity and effectiveness of this tool! And the fact that it is available for free to all of us deserves a little word of mouth in my eyes!

Let’s try it out…

First of all, select the kind of color combination you’d like.
For example, ”complimentary” or ”triad” (this is useful also if you want to use a very limited number of colors).
Then move the black shape thingy on the color wheel on the left.
Or start playing the wheel first then the list of options, there is no right or wrong here 🙂
Here are a couple of examples below of some color schemes I like…

Finally, check out the small round slider (see pretty arrow pointing to it lol) on the right hand side of the color wheel…
Move it up and down to adjust the intensity of your chosen color scheme and see what it difference it makes on the circle images below!

The foolproof color wheel: you can't go wrong with this! Mimi Bondi


That’s all there is to it!

Once you find a color scheme (and intensity) that feels good to you, rest assured that you can use it without fail to create beautiful paintings and art journal spreads! Yay to that, right? 🙂

Try it out for yourself and let me know if you find it as awesome and useful as I do with a comment below!


Love to you my Creative Friend,

Mimi Bondi

If you are interested in how colors affect us and our emotions, check out my blog category ”All About Colour“.
I have written a few articles such as ”The Psychology of Colour” 🙂 I don’t pretend to be an expert, I just find that topic very interesting!

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