Dylusions paint jars looks so scrumptious on my shelf…

First of all, do I need more paint in my studio? Do I not already have lots of tubes and bottles to last me for years?
Mhhh… Guilty! But did that stop from buying (well, hem, I mean… Santa brough them to me last Christmas, cough) just a little of that Dylusions paint goodness? Nooooo!!! Shame on me.

I just have to be honest with you here: I fell for the delicious vibrant colours Dyan Reaveley created, for the pretty and original jars covered in equally pretty scalloped labels (you know how much I love scallops… Mostly in art though, not that much in my plate lol). I watched so many videos about artists raving about how great they were… I managed to resist for months and months, reminding myself I didn’t ”need” them…

Ok. We all know how the story ends, right? Yep, they magically ‘appeared’ (cough again) in da house!

Dylusions paint jars look pretty but do I actually like them??

Well, not that much. Sorry Dyan!
I do love the vibrancy of the colours (and the packaging as mentioned) but that’s where my love stops. I find that their opacity is so great that it is difficult for me to create any kind of layering effect (using Dylusions paint alone). As a first layer/background, they work just fine and they retain ‘most’ of their vibrancy once dry. But for follow up layers, I prefer switching back to my now favourite Liquitex Basics paint. You see, those paints are reasonably transparent and I find them more easier to work with.

Of course being able to dip your fingers straight into the jars of paint is really awesome and one of the main benefits but…
Having all that paint exposed to air, even just for a little bit at a time, is enough for it to thicken up.
I have only had mine for about 7 months and they look rather thick therefore, I have a feeling that their shelf life is limited…

I’d better use them in a tutorial then, right?

In this new mixed media tutorial, I decided to play with them, just to ‘use’ them.
As you will see dried up paint fell off with each lid I opened, making a mess! I had to be careful for those chunks not to fall back in the jars….

Now, please don’t shoot me if you love Dylusions Paint! I have not played a lot enough to discover more of the qualities most people seem to love about them. All I am saying is that they don’t work that well on their own for my style of art and I have fallen in love with them…

Ok, enough dissection about the pros and cons of Dylusions paint. It IS delicious and I may have to force myself to use it more often if I don’t want to waste it so… Let’s get started!!

Feel free to leave me a comment below with your feedback on this tutorial and if you try it out, post a picture in the Facebook group here so I can see it 🙂

Love to you my Creative Friend,


Supplies used: (click on the blue links to get the same ones!)

Fly Away! Mixed media tutorial with Dylusions Paint by Mimi Bondi

Fly Away! Mixed media tutorial with Dylusions Paint by Mimi Bondi

Fly Away! Mixed media tutorial with Dylusions Paint by Mimi Bondi

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