Addicted to this little shipping tag business!

I never thought I’d get addicted to painting on a shipping tag because they are pretty small but against all odds, I am hooked!
I like to keep them all neat on a book ring which makes for a perfect little flipable portfolio 🙂 I often end up with a little paint on the back and since you can see the back of the art tags while flipping through them, why not even paint on the back too?!

For this project I started with one covered with leftover paint from a previous project… Cool texture, right?

Let’s cover this shipping tag!

Part 1

  1. I started by applying some lovely sky blue acrylic with my fingers, followed by aqua green… Thin layers so I can see see some of my funky texture below 😉 Then a touch of yellow to make things pop!
  2. Next I want to improve my embossing skills because I’m still new at this lol I love how it looks on greeting cards but, I’m not a card making person (yet) so I try to find ways to incorporate the effect into my mixed media instead 🙂
  3. Using an embossing dabber, I’m adding glue through a sunflower stencil. I know I was a little heavy-handed here so I’m not expecting a clear result!
  4. Not to worry, we’ll see what happens anyway… Let’s add some pretty black shimmery embossing powder on top and melt it.
  5. Well, it turned out better than expected, even though it’s not that detailed but… I have an idea: I’m going to reuse my sunflower stencil with a little gesso on top of the black embossed area which is now becoming a background ‘shadow’. Yes! I love when things turn out well in the end, don’t you? 🙂

Part 2

  1. Let’s now have some more fun by dabbing little dots of hot pink paint around the flower…
  2. Then highlighting them with random white scribbles!
  3. Next I’m using oil pastels to add soft colours to the petals…
  4. Then some gold splatters with a Color Bloom spray (this colour has been discontinued by the way!).
  5. And by magic, little black and white splatters appeared on my art tag! Looks like my camera didn’t record that hahaha I did them with India ink 😉

Yay, I love this shipping tag!! What do you think?

Watch the video tutorial below and let me know your thoughts on this with a comment below (scroll down to the bottom of the page) as I always love to hear from you!

With love and sunshine,
Mimi Bondi


Art supplies used:
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Mixed media art tag tutorial 4 by Mimi Bondi

Mixed media art tag tutorial 4 by Mimi Bondi

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