Mixed media painting means no rules and so many possibilities!

Even if you have limited art supplies you can have so much fun in your mixed media painting journal…
All you need though is to feel loose and carefree, and just go with the flow!

But it can be easier said than done, right?

I find that pressure (big or small) prevents me from really letting go…
For example, if I only have just a little time to paint or I am feeling stressed by whatever life brings (my father-in-law just had a big operation which we thought went smoothly at first but then… complications!) then I don’t really feel like painting…
I know you can relate to this as well because we are human and all in the same boat, aren’t we? 🙂

So what do I do? I stop thinking and I just allow myself just to add a little paint in my art journal.
No plan for anything else! But… Once I do that then I think, maybe I can add a little bit of this, or use this pretty stencil.
Then maybe use this stamp I haven’t used in a while and… Before I realise, a full mixed media painting has developed in front of me!

If you feel a little bit down in the dumps then, please take care of yourself first. Just open your journal and do one little thing: dab a few dots of paint in it with your fingers or glue a a couple of pieces of paper or write down a few thoughts. That’s all you need!
You can either continue if it feels good or just come back to it later on. No pressure ladies 🙂

Give my ”Go with the Flow” mixed media painting tutorial ”a go”!

Here I started with a page half filled with leftover paint splats and I just added to it, little by little…
If you end up with a complete mixed media painting in your journal then please show it to me in the private Facebook support group here and make sure to leave me a comment below letting me know if you enjoyed this tutorial!

Love to you my Creative Friend,


List of Supplies used: (click on the blue links to get the same ones!)

Mixed media painting tutorial with Mimi Bondi - Go with the Flow!

Mixed media painting tutorial with Mimi Bondi - Go with the Flow!

Mixed media painting tutorial with Mimi Bondi - Go with the Flow!Mixed media painting tutorial with Mimi Bondi – Go with the Flow!

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