Let’s loosen up with a little paint & collage art exercise!

“I want to paint but I don’t really feel like it…” – You know what that feels like, right?
You have all your pretty tubes of paint in front of you: A pile of stencils, stamps, gesso…
And they all seem to be staring back at you saying ”Just play with us!!”…

“Oh I don’t know where to start today!” – You think to yourself.
I know how you feel because that’s where I am at too so, don’t overthink it and open a page in your art journal.
If it’s got remnants of paint from another fun time then you already have something to start with, perfect.
Now grab a colourful magazine page and let’s do a little ‘collage art’!

Tear off pieces of paper and roughen up the edges.
Glue them all in random order with gel medium until half (or more) of your page is covered. Don’t worry, it’s ok if it looks messy 😉
Let it all dry and… Tada!! Beautiful collage art worthy of a prize! Ok, maybe not just yet 😉
Add a little paint in various colours (again, ‘messy’ is the word here) then go nuts with black ink! I’m going with a flower here but you could do hearts, a cat, owl, circles… Remember to not overthink it!

Draw your outline, let it dry and add MESSY patches of colour all around (you got this now, right?).
I highly recommend adding lots of gold (oh it’s soooo luscious!!) then refine your edges…

If you feel like it, add a little quote such as ”Just let yourself go” as a reminder that not everything has to be pretty and that it’s ok to just have a little messy art therapy session for yourself 🙂

List of supplies used:

(Click on the blue links if you want to get the same ones!)

Messy paint & collage art journal tutorial with Mimi Bondi

Here is another super easy way to warm up when
you don’t know where to start in your art journal:

How to start in your art journal tutorial | Mimi Bondi

Let me know with a comment below if my little collage art exercise has helped you?

Love to you my Creative Friend!



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