I think we all need a slap in the face every now and then just to bring us back to reality.
And I just stumbled upon an article titled ‘20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit‘ that did that for me!

You may think this is a strange post title and wonder how it is related to what I do…

Well, I believe you can’t become an artist (or a better artist) just by saying ‘I want to be creative’.

NO. (it’s not that simple!)

You need the right mental attitude.
You need motivation.
You need to want it.
You have to work at it!

Procrastinating will get you nowhere.
Waiting so you can buy that special Dylusions art journal or expensive Golden paints will get you nowhere.
Telling yourself you can’t do my tutorials because you don’t have the same stencil or you don’t have time is not good enough!

I want to be tough because I love you!! And because I truly want you to make art so you can experience all that it can bring: joy, freedom, relaxation, excitement, self-love (keep inserting awesome words here)!

I don’t want you to stagnate and put things off any longer because, you know it and I know it but we keep forgetting it: LIFE IS TOO SHORT – I’d even say too freaking short 😉

Click on the image below to find out what the ’20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit’ are and get your slap in the face 😉

Life is too short so... Let's get real! A little pep talk by Mimi Bondi :)

Photo by Claire Glasgow

The one that resonated the most with me today is number 15: Investing in yourself isn’t selfish. It’s the most worthwhile thing you can do. Which one resonates the most with you?? Let me know with a comment below 🙂

Not too long ago, I discovered a truly beautiful quote by Harvey MacKay which gave me inspiration for a painting. Click on the photo below to find out more about it:

Life is too short | mixed media painting by Mimi Bondi

Love to you my Creative Friend,


PS: Don’t procrastinate, I’m watching you 😉

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