Life is too short so let’s get real!

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I think we all need a slap in the face every now and then just to bring us back to reality.
And I just stumbled upon an article titled ‘20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit‘ that did that for me!

You may think this is a strange post title and wonder how it is related to what I do…

Well, I believe you can’t become an artist (or a better artist) just by saying ‘I want to be creative’.

NO. (it’s not that simple!)

You need the right mental attitude.
You need motivation.
You need to want it.
You have to work at it!

Procrastinating will get you nowhere.
Waiting so you can buy that special Dylusions art journal or expensive Golden paints will get you nowhere.
Telling yourself you can’t do my tutorials because you don’t have the same stencil or you don’t have time is not good enough!

I want to be tough because I love you!! And because I truly want you to make art so you can experience all that it can bring: joy, freedom, relaxation, excitement, self-love (keep inserting awesome words here)!

I don’t want you to stagnate and put things off any longer because, you know it and I know it but we keep forgetting it: LIFE IS TOO SHORT – I’d even say too freaking short 😉

Click on the image below to find out what the ’20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit’ are and get your slap in the face 😉

Life is too short so... Let's get real! A little pep talk by Mimi Bondi :)

Photo by Claire Glasgow

The one that resonated the most with me today is number 15: Investing in yourself isn’t selfish. It’s the most worthwhile thing you can do. Which one resonates the most with you?? Let me know with a comment below 🙂

Not too long ago, I discovered a truly beautiful quote by Harvey MacKay which gave me inspiration for a painting. Click on the photo below to find out more about it:

Life is too short | mixed media painting by Mimi Bondi

Love to you my Creative Friend,


PS: Don’t procrastinate, I’m watching you 😉

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  1. Number 12, Now is the only time that matters, so stop wasting it by ruminating on the past or planning the future. is the one that spoke to me today. Thanks for this article I shared it on facebook because I think many of my friends and family could benefit from iy.

    • mimibondi

      I agree with that one a lot too, we are all guilty of that at some point lol So glad to hear it resonated with you Debbie ?

  2. 9 & 11 are for me, yes I need just do it instead of thinking about it and I need to hold myself accountable. Nothing will get done unless I do it and that also means putting in the time and effort to practice, play and create.

    • mimibondi

      Now that’s the right kind of attitude Deena! We all have that issue you know… I just tell my brain to shut up and I get on with it (it doesn’t always work but we do our best haha) xx

  3. 6 & 7 jumped straight out! Obviously others resonate but these two are areas I have been working on & continue to work on. Changing these can lead to feeling selfish but I now am at a stage in recovery that I know what I want to do, where I have to be in order to be healthier & happier. Two things I really didn’t care about, felt were never attainable. I still have much fear & thinking it will never happen but this journey is so complex, I do want to try “working it out”. If it means some people doubt me, disagree with me or feel I am being selfish, I now have tools to uses so I am able to deal with it. Self worth is a massive area I constantly battle with but am realising I can’t please everyone else as it actually adds to my lack of self worth & triggers self destructive behaviour. I am not willing to live that way anymore. Of course I have days where I totally fall back into that but at least I can recognise & try to change. Talking truths we don’t want to hear/read; honestly, I still don’t think I’ll “get there” but, a day at a time, I can start to look back knowing I tried. I have completely over shared, now feel so uncomfortable but will resist deleting. Lol. Interesting thing is, this has been first email in series I’ve seen to fruition? Hmmm….
    Tfs (I think..)?

    • mimibondi

      It’s all good Caroline, thank you so much for sharing! It sounds like you have gone on quite a journey and everything you say sounds very positive so keep doing what you’re doing! Don’t worry, we all fall back into our old ways every now and then but we’re only human right? 🙂 After all, we can only do the best we can lol And you’re right, not everyone has to agree with you so do what you feel is best for you xxx mimi

  4. #12 i lost 100 pounds in 2012 and have wished sense then that i had done it sooner wasting so much time instead of enjoying that i lost 100 lbs until today, thank you so much. love your 1000th subscriber

    • mimibondi

      Wow that’s absolutely amazing Vickie! I’m struggling to lose about 33 pounds, finding motivation then losing it so I admire your achievement xx mimi

  5. 6, 20, 16 & 9…are the top ones for me. I disagree with 13 though, as people do care. You just have to find the tribe where you are safe, empowered, and encouraged, rather than discouraged, disrespected, and devalued.I care about other’s struggles. I have never looked for sympathy. I have never really given sympathy. I have given compassion, and been present with Empathy. I have been/am, a people pleaser, and am learning a whole new way to live. I am an Empath, and I am learning to value that as a strength, and not a weakness. Feelings and emotions have always been more important to me, than intellect and ego.
    Upon further reading, this article that you link to, I find to be written by a very insentivive, ego driven American male. Throwing cliches around and disregarding humanity as a whole, is not my thing. Number 15 & number 6 are completely new to me. I love your beautiful paintings Mimi, so I will concentrate on that.

    • mimibondi

      Hi Dee, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I think it was written as very general guidelines, don’t read too much into each one as they are meant to shake you up a little. I agree with most of them on principal but they must be taken with a grain of salt 😉 At least it gets people to think, right? xx

  6. I love all of them-they are all the way to live life. Number 12 is something I try to practice every day….it was about staying in today and not ruminating on the past or future. We can’t change the past anyway so why stay there? I try to live here and now which, at times, can be hard!! lol

    • mimibondi

      Yes it can be hard to not get caught up, I can relate to that too Deb! I try to live in the moment as much as possible. I like your attitude 🙂 xx

  7. Thanks for sharing this valuable article Mimi. I loved it and have saved it…… and I’m not procrastinating.

    • mimibondi

      Good on you hahaha I know I’m guilty of it sometimes 😉 Glad you enjoyed this!

  8. There were several that resonated with me, but I think this one resonated the most:

    11. Your talent means nothing without consistent effort and practice.
    Some of the most talented people in the world never move out from their parent’s basement.

    • mimibondi

      Yes I agree with that one too. Nothing worthwhile comes easily, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing Patty!

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