Painting timelapse video of the birth of a painting…

Every now and then, you need to CATCH YOUR BREATH because life can be such a rollercoaster, right???

Watch the (very sped up) painting timelapse video below to see how this painting developed, from an unfinished canvas into a stunning (if I may say so myself!) mixed media painting full of colour, light and meaning (click here to find out more about it).

I am really excited about how this painting turned out and it goes to show (as I always say) that, it’s worth leaving a painting alone for long as you need if it doesn’t feel right 😉

Mimi Bondi

PS: This is not a tutorial so I will not explain what supplies or techniques I have used (please don’t ask, just enjoy). Thank you 😉

”Catch Your Breath” | Mixed media painting with light texture and gold highlights on gallery wrapped canvas, 40x40cm (16x16in)

Catch Your Breath |Mixed media painting timelapse with Mimi Bondi

Catch Your Breath |Mixed media painting timelapse with Mimi Bondi


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