Life’s Precious Moments

Let’s celebrate life in all its glory!!
Enjoy the gorgeous smells of the flowers around you, look how bright the sky is today and how warm and lovely the sun feels on your skin…
Here all senses are heightened to experience all that life has to offer us, if we let it!

I’m very happy with the results of this mixed media painting in which I added many layers of colours and textures to create a really interesting background. Highlighting the branches with tiny silver pearl-looking dots make the leaves really pop out of the canvas and add texture.

I have added a little video of the painting so you can get a true representation of it, as if you were looking at it in my studio – I apologise in advance if it’s a little jittery, I’m not a professional 😉

I used acrylics, panpastels and ink to create this original abstract painting on canvas, measuring 30.5×30.5×1.5 cm.


Life's Precious Moments by Mimi Bondi

Life's Precious Moments by Mimi BondiLife's Precious Moments by Mimi Bondi

Music credit: ”5 am” by Peter Rudenko.

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