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After an interesting journey painting and filming the process of the birth of this painting, I am happy to present to you “Right Here With Me”, a mixed media artwork with gorgeous colours, subtle iridescent shine but most importantly, some mystery…

I never really know how a painting will develop… if you watch the intro of the video, you will see what inspired me to start with and by the end of it, you will notice it doesn’t really look much like the starting point 😉

When the canvas got to a very abstract stage, I decided to hang it on my wall for a little bit to see if something or someone would appear… Nothing at first, then while I was talking to my husband, I happened to glance at the canvas and saw the silhouette of a mysterious woman there! Needless to say, I stopped by husband half way through the conversation and ran to the studio to get a pen to outline the what I had just seen 😉

And there she is… a womanly, heavenly figure coming from an unknown place…

Could she be the memory of a mother coming back to watch over you?
Could she be the mysterious girl you have been dreaming of meeting?
Could she be a muse who was there all along?
Or perhaps a spiritual, religious figure coming to comfort us?

Perhaps she is all of these things…
But one thing is for sure, she is bringing love and positive energy and I am sure glad she is here 🙂


Mixed media painting on gallery wrapped canvas, ready to hang, 75 x 100 x 4 cm.

Video of how I started and the process
(in ”really” high speed fast forward) from start to finish:

PS: the beautiful music is from Kyrstyn Pixton

Here is a short (amateur!) video just to show you how it looks in the flesh (in case you can’t make it to my studio)

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