You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round… (round and round!)

If these lyrics bring back memories then we are on the same page 😉

It’s no secret I love curves, spirals and circles so today, let’s create some circle madness…
“Why” you ask? Because it is FUUUNNN…!!!

Ditch your paintbrushes, pull out your favourite tubes of paint, stretch out your little sausage fingers (just teasing) and let’s do some finger painting together!

I am really happy with how my pages turned out even though I had no plan and just went with the flow…
I decided to leave them as is because I find them too pretty to cover up with a quote or anything else 🙂

Do you like to go round and round or does it make you feel dizzy? Let me know with a comment at the bottom of this page!
Make sure to also post a photo in the Facebook group:

Love to you my Creative Friend,


I am not listing the supplies used here because I just grabbed whatever paint I wanted as I went along and because you can do this “Round and Round” tutorial following similar colours or just your own. Nothing fancy has been used other than a plastic card and a roll of toilet paper 😉

Free art journal tutorial ''Round and Round''| Mimi Bondi

Free art journal tutorial ''Round and Round''| Mimi Bondi

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