My vintage art journaling technique…
or how to add a colorized effect on a black and white photo!

I have always loved the style of old black and white photos that have been colorized… Since I am not old enough to have such a photograph of myself, I decided to create my own vintage art journaling technique to add a little flavour to a modern photo!

First I turned one of my photos from colour to black and white in Photoshop… I used a photo from my wedding which was VERY colourful (as you can imagine haha if you’d like to take a peak at the festivities, don’t be shy, here ya go)

I printed it on regular copy paper on my black & white laser printer and glued it into my art journal. Then I added layers and my own style to end up with a vintage look that still had some colour.

Watch the full length workshop video below to see how I did it 🙂

I really love how things turned out and I hope you will give this a try! If you would like to share a photo of what you created from this tutorial, please post it right here so I can see it: 🙂

You can also let me know what you think of this vintage art journaling style in the comments at the bottom of this page, I’d love to hear from  you 🙂

Love to you my Creative Friend!


List of supplies:

Don’t worry about the supplies and colours I used and use what YOU have and what you like and will work well with your photo 🙂

• Gel medium – Alternative: ModPodge
• Paintbrushes (1 large to spread gel medium, 1 small to apply watercolour details)
• Acrylic paints (white, gold + 3 colours of your choice that go well together)
• Stamp(s) of your choice (cling or rubber)
• Inkpads (dark grey, gold) + 1 sponge dauber
• Stencil(s) of your choice
• Neocolor II crayons (water soluble) – Alternative: watercolours
• Pan pastels (brown/burnt sienna + colours of your choice)
• Pan pastel tools (Pan pastel knife + small sponge tool) – Alternative: latex makeup sponge
• Workable fixative for pastels – Alternative: matt spray varnish
• Black gelato (Faber Castell) – Alternative: Faber Castell gel stick/black PanPastel/black acrylic paint

Vintage art journaling: free mixed media workshop by Mimi Bondi

Vintage art journaling: free mixed media workshop by Mimi Bondi

Vintage art journaling: free mixed media workshop by Mimi Bondi

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