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In this “Flower Madness” episode, I am showing you how to re-use your art to make more art!
I am also testing out Liquitex gloss medium as a glue instead of regular gel medium as I bought a big bottle of it on special 😉
The label says it’s good for decoupage so… I guess it should be ok?
I am really happy with how this page turned out and although it wasn’t a very long process, it was enough to satisfy my art hunger for today 🙂

I hope it will inspire you to re-use your own art too!

Mimi Bondi

Watch the process as I create happiness in my art journal 😉

Studio Time 2 - learn mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi

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  1. Morning, I don’t normally do this but, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your tutorials! I love the colors you use, most green teacher stick to the neutrals, I’m a magenta orange, yellow green person, the brighter and happier the better! I’ve watched thousands of vids and was so happy to come across you! Ty for your willingness to share on YouTube! Blessings! Jo

    • Mimi Moret

      And I’m so glad you did Jo! It’s so important to me to hear your feedback out there 😉 It’s a big world! Me too, the brighter, the better and I’m so happy you found me!! I share more on my newsletter and less on Youtube so if you want to receive everything, you’d better get on my Sunshine Newsletter if you haven’t already: xx 🙂

  2. hi Mimi I am really enjoying your video’s!! I just ordered your book No Schenanigans today. I look forward to trying your chapter classes out!

  3. Hello Sunshine! I am so excited to use these techniques for creating backgrounds, I mentioned on one of the other videos, it is exactly what I have been wanting to do, yet up until now, I was unsure how to do it. I didn’t realize it was as simple as putting down bits of paint here and there, until the page is covered, then add stencil work, and add more layers of paint. Also, it is nice knowing, adding pastel colors of Pan Pastels will make my main drawings “pop,” I know, I will be so pleased with my efforts, now that I have learned how to do it. I am sooooooooo excited to begin my background, using the techniques you have shown in this video ! Oh, if you only knew how excited I am right now, thanks to you, Mimi!!! Thank you so very much, Mimi, for taking the time to make these videos, for I am certain, I am not the only one, who is excited to begin making more interesting, colorful backgrounds!

    • mimibondi

      Hello Sunny Cheryl! How lovely of you to visit me here 🙂 Yes, it can be that simple! I completely understand how difficult it may seems when we look at the finished painting but it becomes so simple when it’s taught step by step… So many times, we give up and miss out on so much fun and fulfillment from creating art because we don’t know where to start so that’s why I’m in the process of writing a book and e-course so more people can spread their wings and fly!! I am so excited to hear you are learning lots and are now fearless, feel free to send me pics of your creations, I’d love to see them and I’m not the judgmental type 😉

  4. Question: in the beginning of this video, you said the print you were using was a laser print, and near the end you said it was an inkjet print. I’m thinking that with the acrylic medium used that it wouldn’t make too much of a difference, or would it tend to smear the colors on the inkjet?
    Love the colors you use and the videos are informative. Thanks for your hard work!

    • mimibondi

      Hi Terri! Oops, thanks for pointing that out! It was an inkjet print and I didn’t get any smearing at all. Laser should be just fine. Thanks for your comment and encouragement, love from Australia 🙂

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