I can’t deny that there are some insanely, truly, incredibly talented digital artists out there.

Some of the art on this article leaves me speechless as the colours are so vibrant and the details so fine! I haven’t seen anything like it in a painting done the old school way… that is, with paintbrushes and paint, rather than a mouse and a computer 😉

I believe digital art is an art form in its own right but perhaps, it is still too new for us to accept it as a whole?

I have always wondered though… WHO can actually decide what is art and what isn’t anyway?

My belief is that, if you feel attracted to a painting, photo, digital art, etc, if it pleases you or makes you FEEL something (positive or negative) then that is all that matters.
To YOU, it may be amazing and to another, it may be rubbish. YOU get to decide what is art and what isn’t, not the so-called ”art experts” or art magazines…

Would love to hear your thoughts out there!

Kudos to Marta Dahlig’s and her ‘Umbrella Sky’ (here’s a little bit of info on how she created this stunning piece!)


And I also love this piece called Binah, by Florian Delarque.