Hop on the scooter with me while we ride around Bali!

This March, I was so, so lucky to be able to go back to Bali to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with my other half Pete.
Bali is an extremely popular destination for Australian tourists as it’s only about 6 hrs on the plane and everything there is cheaper than in Australia so we though… Why not go back?

On a side note, living in OZ can be quite expensive… I heard a while back that Sydney was the 2nd most expensive city to live in the WORLD, gasp! I just did a quick search and was relieved to see it didn’t even make CNN’s top 10 list of most expensive cities to live in 2016 anymore, phew haha
But, that doesn’t mean prices have dropped, which means… If I want to take a break, it has to be nearby (and cheap!), like Bali 😉
Thankfully, I am not a fancy hotel kind of gal! I’d rather walk around and experience things a little closer to reality, explore markets and try local food…

So… Off to Bali we went again and I must say, it’s kind of nice to go somewhere a little familiar as you can excited about revisiting some favourite spots, or get more of the colourful dresses you got last time…

I always take lots of photos but after watching many of Amy Tangerine’s awesome little travel blogs, I felt inspired to record lots of video snippets while I was there, which I put together in a sort of video memory… It is not perfect and it took many hours of work to put this video together but I hope you will enjoy this little Bali adventure 😉
(please note that I am doing this to share beauty and fun with you, not to ‘rub it in’ or make anyone ‘jealous’)

I hope you found this video fun and interesting, let me know in the comments below!
And don’t worry, I did take LOTS of photos as well and will be doing another post soon telling you about my 10 favourite things to do in Bali 🙂

Love to you!

Mimi Bondi.

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