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Every now and then, we ALL need a pyjama day!

These days, it seems like we are always go-go-go.
We are constantly juggling work, family, social obligations, and more.
And while being busy can sometimes be fulfilling, it can also be exhausting and can completely drain our creative juices!

And this brings me to the following question: Have you had a pyjama day lately??? 🙂
If you don’t know what that means then… you REALLY need one!
Yes, I do mean just staying in your PJs all day, and really taking the time to relax and do something that makes you feel at peace.
Maybe it’s painting, doodling, drawing, or another form of art. Whatever it is, make sure to give yourself the time and space to create.
It’s important to nurture your creativity, and sometimes the best way to do that is by simply taking a break.

To me, staying in my PJs all day certainly does not mean I am not being productive but it DOES tell my brain that time ahead is all about relaxing and slowing down.
It means: It’s going to be Sunday morning – ALL DAY!

And so I start my pyjama day with a mug of hot chocolate – simply because I don’t enjoy coffee and tea, I’m weird like that LOL But make yourself a cup of whatever makes you feel good and chilled. And enjoy it while looking outside if you have a nice view.

If you don’t, just look at the sky, the birds, study the shapes of the clouds, or simply feel the warmth of the sun.
When you’re done and if you’re feeling a little creative, use some of that extra time to tidy up your space a bit.
A decluttered and cozy space will help you feel relaxed and ready to create.
By the way I find that not having breakfast helps me focus more so I don’t eat until lunch, unless I’m really starving 😉

Now that we’ve cleared our head and have prepared ourselves mentally…
It’s time for the main event!


Whether it’s painting, drawing, or another form of art, just let yourself go and have fun with it. Don’t worry about making something perfect or “good enough” – this time is for you and your creativity, nothing more. 

Go to your studio, art table or just curl up in your favourite chair on on your sofa.
If it’s cold, grab a blanket to keep you warm and snuggly. If it’s warm, open the window so you can feel the breeze and fresh air.
Put on some music if you like. Or just enjoy the calm. I always love lighting some scented candles around me!
Grab a few sheets of paper or your art journal and whatever you feel like playing with: a pencil, a brush, watercolours, a marker, paint, anything… And begin making simple marks, doodles or shapes, or adding patches of colour on your page.
For me the best way to start is to spread colourful paint with my fingers!

Just remember: don’t think too much, just go with the flow. Let your hand move on its own and see what happens.

 If you feel blocked, or that everything you make looks terrible, remember that it doesn’t matter, it’s just for fun!

You are not making art to sell it or to impress anyone. Just let go and enjoy the process without pressure.

 You could use just one colour to keep things simple, or use all the colours of the rainbow (whatever makes you happy – you know which one I’d pick)!


After doodling or painting for a while, take a break and have something to eat.
Again, make it something you enjoy, whether it’s healthy – or not 😉

And keep going until you feel satisfied or tired, whichever comes first.

 When you’re finished, just take a deep breath, look at what you made with love and compassion, and be grateful for the moment you took for yourself.


End your day by taking some time to just sit and relax…
Maybe meditate or do some deep breathing exercises, and reflect on how you feel.

I hope you give yourself the time and permission to have a pyjama day soon!

It’s the perfect way to recharge your creative batteries and find some peace in this hectic world.

And who knows, maybe you’ll even create something beautiful in the process! But Even if it’s not what you had originally envisioned, remember the point was to regroup and replenish your creative energy.


A pyjama day is really good for the soul!
Let me know how it goes, or what you like to do on your pyjama days in the comments below 🙂


Watch the video!

List of Supplies

– Acrylic paint: Jo Sonja Burgundy, Burnished Copper, Prussian Blue Hue, Yellow Green, Aqua
and Liquitex Basics Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Quinacridone Magenta, Titanium White
Liquitex white gesso
– Hand carved stamp (by me – I teach a beginner workshop here!)
– The Crafters Workshop stencil ”Solace” 6x6in
Tim Holtz ”Bubble” stencil
– Funky scissors Fiskars Paper Edgers ‘Victorian’
– Faber Castell Gel Medium
– Uni chalk marker white 1.8-2.5mm
– Uniball pigment ink pen metallic violet
Jo Sonja Opal Dust


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  1. As a novice at art journaling I love watching how you create your pages. Love the colors, the layers and the idea of a day in pajamas!!! Keep up the videos and the great work.

    • mimibondi

      Thank you for popping by Sharon! Ah, let me tell you, playing in your art journal while in pyjamas (especially if it’s raining outside) is THE BEST! 🙂 Love from Oz, mimi

  2. I love watching your videos. I love art and haven’t been doing it more than two years
    I struggling doing abstract and I struggle doing my journal.

    I look forward to seeing your book
    I live in UK

    • mimibondi

      Hi Jacqueline, Thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with your art but I can help 🙂 I think when that happens is that it is because we have become a little too ”serious” about the end result or we focus on what’s not working/what’s wrong, and we forget that it’s supposed to be fun. I have a great online tutorial that you can do in your journal/on paper/canvas/canvas board, it is very easy going, a great way to loosen up and will get you back into the process! It’s 1 hr long and about GBP11, have a look here: Love from Australia, mimi

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