Writing a mixed media book and trying to stay sane

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As you  may be aware, I have been a busy bee in the studio, writing a mixed media book, as well as putting the matching e-course together…

Although it’s a lot of work, the experience has been interesting and amazing, and a big learning curve!

It’s so easy to slip into a routine and just do the same things day in and day out (especially when you’re cooped up in a home-based business) so a new project every now and then is what keeps me energised and excited 🙂

However… You would think that, because this book will be photo-based (I want to show you how to create paintings from start to finish so that means a LOOOOOT of photos!), that, writing a mixed media book would be easier than writing a huge novel for example, right? I just need to take photos of everything, place them on pages and done? Hem, well… no.

There is so much more involved!
– I need to create the paintings
– take photos throughout the process
– film the process
– edit all the photos in Photoshop
– place them in the book
– write instructions for every single photo (each project will have at least 36 photos and explanations)
– format and design the book
– create the videos and of course do the video editing
and that’s not even talking about marketing lol

Phew. It definitely is a full time job.
And actually, probably more than one person’s job but hey, I’m French and very stubborn 🙂

So now you know why I have a been a little quiet lately!

Because I am writing a mixed media book (and filming videos) for you, the beginner artists, I would love to know if there is ANYTHING specific you’d like to learn in this book? A technique, a style, something you struggle with…? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below and I may be able to address them 🙂

At present, I have created 5 chapters (so 5 paintings from start to finish)!

If you would like to find out more about this mixed media book of mine, and be the first to get a copy (or get the e-course), just click here!

With love and sunshine,



  1. Hi Mimi,

    i have watched a few of your videos and they are very inspiring. I really like your style! I am a complete novice and have a very very small amount of art material. When I have been watching you work I have been trying to improvise with the products I have. So for instance I don’t have any stamps yet but have picked up a few stencils from charity shops. So I’ve tried using stencils instead of stamps with spray paint. I wondered if in your book you had thought about incoperating alternatives in this way? I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to choosing art products and it can get very confusing when in a shop trying to work out substitutes or cheaper alternatives so any advice would be welcome.

    I hope your book and video are coming along smoothly and your enjoying the process, it sounds an awful lot of work!

    Sending warm wishes to you from Scotland in UK
    Kate x

    • mimibondi

      Hi Kate from beautiful Scotland… I completely understand how you feel and this is exactly why I’m writing the book (and videos): I want to show people how you can create beautiful art with minimal supplies and how easy and fun the process can be when it’s broken down into small steps 🙂 I am keeping the list of supplied needed to complete all the projects in the book/videos to a minimum so you will mostly need acrylic paint, a couple of stencils/stamps/brushes, gesso, and a little modelling paste. The rest can be objects found at home. Because they are essential supplies in mixed media it means you will reuse them over and over. Good on you for inprovising as this means you will succeed as an artist 🙂 Also debating if this book should the first of a series of tutorials… lots to do but I’m loving the process 🙂 If there is a specific product you want to know about let me know! Love from Oz; mimi

  2. J’aime beaucoup la couverture de ton livre.il devrait attirer pas mal de clients. Enfin, je l’espère pour toi. Bises

    • mimibondi

      Oui moi aussi ☺ bisous!!

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