Free art journal tutorial (Studio Time 17)

Free art journal tutorial by Mimi Bondi

A new art journal tutorial for you!

Sometimes, simple is best and the most simple fun, such as painting with your fingers and making flowers with your fingertips, feels just right!

When you feel like painting but aren’t sure what to paint or where to start, simply picking colours that have been hiding at the back of your desk or craft room and smearing them all over your art journal pages can spark up your creativity!

In this art journal tutorial, I show you how I created these pages: I didn’t know what to paint so I decided I would just use colours that had been sitting in my studio for years, barely touched. Instead of letting these tubes go to waste, I thought I would use them as my starting point for my background and see if anything would flow out of that… and it worked 🙂

Follow me along in this art journal tutorial and let me know if you enjoyed it with a comment below!
Of course you may not have the same supplies I used (and definitely not the same stamp as I hand carved it but you can learn how to make your own here) but it doesn’t matter, go along with it anyway and use what you have. Then feel feel free to post a photo in my Facebook group here.

Peace out my Creative Friend!!


Supplies used: (click on the blue link to get the same ones)

Check out my favourite art supplies here 🙂

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  1. What great pages !! Thanks for the video. Must try this week ;-). I am so happy, my son ordered your book as my Christmas gift …maybe not a surprise but very very happy ?

    • mimibondi

      Hi Nathalie, what a thoughtful son you have (I think I know the one hehe but I’m not telling)! At least you will get a present you actually want 😉 Thank you so much for popping by xx mimi

  2. Hi, love this tutorial. It would make a great painting. Thanks for sharing these fun techniques.

  3. I find your work absolutely amazing! Your pages ended up looking so cool……….I love them. As soon as my health permits, I will try doing something like this……….it looks like fun! Thanks so much for a wonderful video.

    • mimibondi

      Awww thank you Sharon! You are sweet 🙂 I hope you feel better very soon and I look forward to seeing what you create 🙂 xx mimi

  4. I loved that new journal entry Studio 17. Your videos plus your new book have allowed me to stop being scared and just have fun will post some new things next week

    Thankyou Mimi

    • mimibondi

      That is so awesome to hear Lynne, thank YOU! You just made my Monday morning 🙂 🙂 xx mimi

  5. Hi Mimi! I loveeee your videos and everytime I watch one I am in a better mood. You are encouraging me to let go of my need for perfection in my work and just do it! One thing I feel like I’m having a problem with I am finger painting a background in my journal I feel like it always ends up a big mess. Any advice? Thank you!!

    • mimibondi

      Oh you are so sweet Robin, thank you for your great feedback 🙂 I think a big mess can be good haha Why is it a big mess? Do you mean that your colours are over blended or that you don’t know what step to take next?

    • I think it’s a mixture of both. I’ll use colors that compliment each other and then I think I don’t know when to stop and I keep covering and adding more and never getting anywhere! Haha! I guess I need to figure out when to stop and move on to the next “layer”.

    • mimibondi

      Ah yes it’s so easy to get carried away because it’s so much fun! I would recommend using just 3 colours and making patches of colours rather than trying to blend them all together then… stop, dry and keep going 🙂

    • OK I bet I am using too many colors! I’ll try to stick to 3! Thank you so much for your help! I’m going to do your online course soon!

  6. Hi Mimi,
    Just found your tutorials on youtube. I love them. You always get me inspired to work in my art journal. Thank you for sharing your art and heart.
    Blessings from Pennsylvania USA, Christine

    • mimibondi

      Thank you so much for popping by Christine and for your kind feedback, that makes me feel good 🙂 xx mimi

  7. Yet another fab tutorial and planning another play tomorrow!

    • mimibondi

      Hope to see the results in the facebook group! Make sure to always say which tutorial your posts are based on or they may not get approved 😉

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