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I am so excited to be published in heART Journal Magazine!

Yes, Mimi Bondi is in the March 2017 of heART Journal Magazine with her painting chosen to adorn the cover…
What more could an artist ask for?! This deserves a giveaway or two to celebrate, don’t you think?

Mimi Bondi Art on the heART Journal Magazine Cover March 2017

In my article of this March 2017 issue, I share a full length video tutorial of how I created the mixed media painting on the cover from an art journal page (with a supplies list of course, all of which you can find in my Mixed Media Store).

I also talk about various subject in my interview with editor Carla Devine!

You’ll hear my thoughts on:

  • How I got started in art journalling
  • How living in a certain place may influence your art
  • If I have a favourite subject I like to paint or if I consider myself more of an abstract painter
  • My approach to teaching
  • My words of encouragement for those of you who still feel shy about getting into mixed media or, those of you who put too much pressure on yourself – I know you know what I mean 😉
    And much more!

Please note heART Journal magazine is a digital magazine which means you can get it no matter WHERE you live in the world without paying delivery, access video tutorials and read it on your computer, tablet and phone! Can’t do that with a printed mag, can you? 😉

Beautiful mixed media tutorial for heART Journal Magazine Mimi Bondi

Mixed media giveaways!!!

To celebrate this awesome article and our love for mixed media, I have 2 giveaways for you, generously donated by heART Journal Magazine!!

Giveaway 1: get the March 2017 issue for free!

This giveaway lets you download the heART Journal Magazine March 2017 issue for FREE!! YEP!
You’ll get to read all my crazy thoughts and will get the video tutorial for free in it, with loads tutorials and inspiration from awesome mixed media artists. And this gives you an awesome chance to see what the magazine is about!

Here’s how to get your free copy: 
Simply go here, add the issue to your cart and use coupon code he333aRT (case sensitive) at checkout – SIMPLE!
(If you encounter any problem using the code, please contact the magazine directly as it’s out of my hands)

Giveaway 2: get a yearly subscription for free!

How awesome would it be to get a yearly dose of inspiration, tutorials and tips from mixed media artists from around the world?! Extremely awesome I say!

Here’s how to win it:
1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page telling me what you’d really like to learn in mixed media or what you struggle with.
Make it specific like ‘learn how to draw eyes’ or ‘I am confused with how to use gel medium’ – Vague comments like ‘I’d like to learn new techniques’ will not count!
2. AND make sure you are subscribed to my Sunshine Newsletter as this is where I’ll announce the winner. If you haven’t already here, you can subscribe here or fill in the box below.
3. Enter the giveaway by 21st March 2017 – a winner will be randomly chosen and announced in my newsletter on 22nd March 2017.

That’s all folks 🙂

Love and Sunshine to you!
Mimi Bondi

Want to learn mixed media effortlessly?

My book 'No Shenanigans! Mixed Media Painting' is full of step-by-step tutorials from start to finish!

Mixed media book and e-course by Mimi Bondi

A book to tear up and use in your own art!

My book 'Secret Stash' is a collection of mixed media backgrounds for you to make more art with!


  1. I never know when I’m “done”. When I watch your work, I’m always surprised when you add more!

  2. I would be sooo happy to win a subscription! Due to my health, i can’t create as much as i would like too! But when i do, it provides me with an escape from the pain.
    Your work is very appreciated. In the future, it would be nice to learn more. Congratulations on making the top cover. It must feel good to have appreciation of your hard work. I love your first book. Wishing on a free subscription. Thank you.
    Caro xox

  3. Hi Mimi,
    Congratulations on being in the magazine and on the cover too! I have learned so much from your No Shenanigans book and the tutorials on your blog, especially how to silence my inner critic and just have fun. (I’ve come a long way, thanks to your encouragement). Thank you for all the time and effort it takes to make the videos…so inspiring. I’d like to learn more about mediums and pens. It seems like whenever I use white or black pens that are supposedly waterproof, they smear when I put anything over them like a sealer/varnish. Thanks!

  4. Hi Mimi,
    I would love to win a subscription as I am mixed media mad. I would love more help with colours/layering. I try to follow the colour wheel, but often get carried away and end up with mud. Some simple guidelines to help understand it more would be fab! Thanks for the opportunity to participate

  5. Hi Mimi, I have both your books and find them inspiring and colourful inspiration. I would love to learn more about using colours together without making “mud”… and then best colours for mood reflections. Mostly though, I would love to win your inspirational prize, it would keep me going all year. Lovely work, Thank you!

  6. Hi Mimi, I like the way you inspire your students. I am e teacher too and I am glad to learn new techniks and various materials to use in my own classes and help young children to express thimself on the paper. Thank you for your colorfull work and inspiration.

  7. Hi Mimi,I love the way you use colours and I would really love to learn how to combine them like you do…

  8. Congratulations on your article. I have not heard of this magazine and am looking forward to reading the free issue. I have already learned so much watching your youtube channel and your book No Shenanigans. I guess what I would like to learn is drawing, not really life like but whimsical. I also struggle with using a small paint brush to outline and make swirls. You make it so effortless looking.

  9. I really want to be able to add in this NGOs that make my work very uniquely mine: faces, silhouettes, hand lettering. And really finding my own style!

  10. I stumbled across one of your videos on youtube today and have become completely enamored with trying mixed media art. I have never been able to draw anything besides stick figures a five year old could draw and so I’ve felt that I could never be an artist. What I’m interested in learning is what products and mediums you use to create these masterpieces and how they work together. I’ve learned a bit just from watching several of your videos but I have far to go in learning how to use the products for different effects. I love your encouragement about relaxing and enjoying the process. I can’t wait to start!

    • mimibondi

      I’m so glad to have inspired you Kellie!! The free tutorials do not go in depth but if you do want to learn all the basics, step-by-step, I created a book and video e-course just for beginners like to really take your hand throughout the process. Please do have a look as they have already helped so many people http://mimibondi.com/beginner-mixed-media-book-videos! Mimi 🙂 PS: I can only draw stick figures too lol

  11. Congrats!!!
    i would like to learn more about creating focal point
    color combinations… you have the best color combinations ever…
    Wish that i can fly to Sydney and visit you or attend your class personally….
    Thanks for continuing to inspire us..

  12. Congratulations for the publication, Mimi!!
    I have two interests in learning:
    1. sometimes I get stuck on what to do next, for example- I made background, then I had some modeling paste through the stencil and what next… I’d love to have some simple algorithms to work with when I get stuck.
    2. I fell in love with face painting, so abstract faces would be something nice to learn.
    Best regards!

  13. Congrats dear Mimi, it’s well deserved to get published in a art Magazine! You are a great artist and a great teacher. I would love to learn how to Draw “scribly” faces and especially the mouth / lips. They always end up looking very strange and crooked. Thank you for this opportunity to win!
    I wish you a nice and creative day!
    Hugs, Anita ♥

  14. **Congrats on your achievement!*
    I would like more info on what paints & inks can be used with stencils, also the different tools for applying it! Thanks?

  15. Hi Mimi
    Congratulations and best wishes from me on the Central Coast of Sydney.
    I am also a newbie and a late starter(senior type) to art journaling and have just been reading through all of the comments and seem to have just the opposite problem to some…although I have lots of materials, paints, stencils, crayons, everything, I just can’t seem to get started, where does everyone get their ideas. I just feel completely overwhelmed. Any advice would be great.

    • mimibondi

      Hello fellow Central Coast resident!! I run mixed media workshops for beginners so if you are interested, please come over to my studio in Berkeley Vale and I will get you started ?

  16. I would love to receive a year’s free subscription to this magazine. I am new to art journaling and using acrylic paint so some help with colour mixing and colour schemes would be really helpful. Thanks for your wonderful tutorials Mimi, I love them.

  17. I would like to learn how to do some of the beautiful mixed media journal pages into large canvases. Sometimes I try but they are either too sparse or become too busy
    Congratulations on the cover it is beautiful and love the new shop

  18. I want to learn how to use faces in abstract acrylic art. Faces that are not creepy but more positive.
    Congrats on the cover – love your work!

  19. I’m pretty good at making lots and lots of beautiful background papers, but have trouble deciding how to make them into actual journal pages, and knowing when “done” is really “done”.

  20. Thank you Mimi! I would love to win a free year of the magazine. I am interested in learning more about composition and design. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal and that makes me happy. But, I stall a bit when it comes time to move forward after making a great background.

  21. My biggest struggle is knowing when to stop!!!

  22. thank you very much for the chance to win, I really struggle drawing faces not real faces but characters I find the eyes so difficult

  23. Oh yes anything that I can get my hands on that YOU create, instruct, and just talk about is way interesting to me!! Mimi you have put the creative back into me in a way I thought was lost!! Thank you!!!

  24. heART Magazine is on my “wish list”! I have been working in 9X12 journals for years and have used the same size canvases. I would like to learn to work “Big”!

  25. What a honer to be published. Your work is amazing and the way you break it done for others to create is super. Your honesty comes through during your videos. Thanks for a chance to continue my art experience. Thanks again for your carefree art style.

  26. Hi mimi,I sometimes find it difficult blending all my colours without it looking messy! You seem to make it look so seemless!

  27. Mimi congratulations what super for you!!
    What a lovely price.
    I want to learn more about texture paste.

  28. I would love to win a years subscription, so that it will help me learn more about colour. I have just re-ignited my childhood passion for art. I was born with the gift to draw. Thirty years later, I am now trying to get the courage to play with colourful acrylic paint. I struggle to mix colours that make mud! I would love to learn what colours work with each other. Time to add some colour to my life!

  29. Congrats to you……….very well deserved I must say and to make the cover! Looks FANTASTIC! I am new to this mixed media/art journaling thing and I would like to learn about the differences in the various mediums and paints….heavy vs regular etc AND how to use gelatos, pan pastels etc. I want to learn soooooooooooo many things! LOL It would be fantastic to win a subscription because my limited Social Security budget doesn’t leave much room for these “extras” that I would love to get. Thank you for the opportunity and keep up the good work……… I already subscribe to your creative sunshine and I love it!

  30. I’m interested in some tips about design. I know that a lot of the time we place things just randomly or without that much thought. That’s totally fine with me because I like going with the flow and not overthinking it, however, I also believe that there are some golden rules to the design to keep in mind. I would love to learn more about that.
    Thanks Mimi, I’m always looking forward to your videos.

  31. I would love to win the years subscription as I need all the inspiration I can get, I need to learn to be freer with doodling and outlining my work because at present my work looks very stilted and my pens don’t work on the texture on my pages, congrats Mimi on your work and obtaining the cover art work. WOW! That is amazing.

  32. I would love to learn how to paint more folk artsy – — I LOVE the scrubbed/rubbed/distressed look. This style is imperfectly perfect to me.

  33. Congrats Mimi! I would love to improve my faces in my work. I don’t think I’m bad at it, but we can all get better!

  34. This is way too cool, Mimi! Congratulations on your fab opportunity!!!

    I love, love doing mixed media painting and adding rough elements for texture. What I struggle with are focal points on the top layer. Each layer of the backgrounds will speak to me, but when it comes to the focal point (and what techniques to use) my creative muse is as quiet as a mouse. lol


  35. Congrats on being published this is a fantasist mag I have seen a couple of issues to date an am looking forward to seeing this new one thanks so much. What would I like to learn so much but will say that I have yet to learn how to paint butterflies or create with any medium as I so love them and they represent new. Also I don’t understand why some of my pages look fantastic and others well something is missing perhaps I used the wrong colour so it may be that I need to understand more of the why’s of colour. Thanks for this offer 🙂

  36. Love this giveaway. Thanks so much. I would like to learn how to create those lovely, complex layered backgrounds that end up looking so different than they started.

  37. Thank you for this chance Mimi and Congrats on the cover. 🙂 I would love to learn more about Colour Combinations, what colours work together and which ones don’t.
    I tend to make mud or put together colours that just don’t seem to work. x

  38. I am sooo proud of you for this great accomplishment. I always struggle with when to stop on a page often when I am watching you I think stop I love it the way it is but you continue on and I love it. I am often not brave enough to keep going.my pages usually look unfinished.Please address this issue. Thanks
    I would so love to win I live in Canada I love to see the great tropical colours you use it warms me up.

  39. What a thoughtful and generous giveaway ! I would love to be able to be more intuitive and relaxed when doing mixed media. I think not being afraid of the outcome or unsure of how to best use materials would be helpful.

  40. Hi Mimi, congratulations on having your painting on the front cover of heART, how exciting for you, it is a beautiful page! I am a newbie to mixed media and art journaling and loving it but…..I do struggle with keeping my backgrounds ‘light’ with a translucent look. I think it should be easy to correct by using less paint and limiting the number of colours to two or three but I am yet to be entirely happy! So much fun though!!

  41. I really want to learn how to draw. I’m very limited to stick figures. Then I’d love be able blend drawings and mixed media together

  42. I love to learn alternative ways to use products. For example i have some gelatoes and some Caran d’Ache neocolour crayons and although i have used them in very simple ways, i think I could probably be using them more creatively. i would also like to learn about different, less popular/known productsand finally, I would really like to,learn how to write more effectively in my art journal as my lettering is not a strength! By the way, i enjoyed reading your interview. Thanks for sharing all about yourself 🙂

  43. Hi again, Mimi. I forgot to say that I would love to learn how to do faces, especially eyes and lips. They are the hardest for me to get right.

  44. Congrats, Mimi. I love that magazine and look forward to seeing your piece. You go girl.

  45. I would love to win this! I would really like to learn how to layer colors and images without ending up with a muddy mess!

  46. I would love to win! I bought 2 copies of Mimi’s latest books thanks to Mimi’s genius because I didn’t have the heart to tear up or cover Mimi’s brilliant work! I would love to receive more mixed media advice and Mimi’s brilliant artwork. I think Mimi is my favourite YouTube instructor because she makes it fun and “do-able!” I would like to learn how to use pan Pastels and seal them so they don’t wear off. Whatever the outcome, I will continue to enjoy Mimi’s work and her genuine smile and laughter! Thank you Mimi!

  47. What a lovely prize. I’d like to learn how to make my my faces look more expressive. They always tend to look sort of blank and expressionless, if that makes sense. 😉

  48. Thanks for the chance to win this subscription. I would like to learn how to carve a stamp

  49. I’d love to learn more about storage solutions for traveling with all of the supplies. I’m just beginning and it seems that is my biggest problem. Sprays, paints, gels, tools, pens, brushes, need for water, paper towels, wipes…everything is a different size and shape and hard to take to a group function. What do you use and what do others use?

  50. I would love to see some mixed media techniques for butterflies and birds. I struggle with the eyes and beaks on birds as well as patterns on butterflies that don’t look like a huge mess. I would love some layering techniques that help them come alive on the page.

    Thanks Mimi I love every newsletter and watching you create a new spread.

  51. I would love a subscription to heART. I’m all about digital subscriptions. As for what I’d like to learn, I would like to know the best medium to use when my work is complete – Mod Podge, gesso, acrylic medium. Also, I would love to learn how to draw simple and symmetrical faces.

  52. Ooohhhh ,Wow Congratulations on being published ,and a BEAUtiful cover your art makes.
    Im being greedy I have 2 techniques Im struggling with -using the brayer to create textured/layered backgrounds.And using gel medium through a stencil as a resist to paint/inks that follow.Im using matt gel and wondering if thats the problem and should be using gloss.

  53. What a lovely prize for someone.
    I get confused with mixed media as a newbie to this style of painting. Is it a free for all, using anything that takes your fancy or are there specific steps and rules that we should consider?

  54. I would love nothing more than to win a subscription the heART journaling magazine. I try to take as many classes as I can afford. My secret dream is to one day sell some of art. I think it would be, and is for me, to learn about others artist’s creative process and how they go about creating a piece. And, you, Mimi, are so inspiring to me because I have always been such a perfectionist, so I love the way you relax me when you teach and your sweet, easy-going persona. I’m still trying to find my own style or whatever you want to call it, and I can do that by reading about other artists ad practice, practice,practice!!

  55. Ooh yes…I would love to win a subscription. I would like to learn how to draw trees that don’t look as though a two year old has drawn them. I love the strength and longevity of trees and find them very symbolic. I know you can get stamps but I want my journal to reflect my own work.
    And it wouldn’t be a bad thing to love my own work too…instead of forever finding fault!


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