I am so excited to be published in heART Journal Magazine!

Yes, Mimi Bondi is in the March 2017 of heART Journal Magazine with her painting chosen to adorn the cover…
What more could an artist ask for?! This deserves a giveaway or two to celebrate, don’t you think?

Mimi Bondi Art on the heART Journal Magazine Cover March 2017

In my article of this March 2017 issue, I share a full length video tutorial of how I created the mixed media painting on the cover from an art journal page (with a supplies list of course, all of which you can find in my Mixed Media Store).

I also talk about various subject in my interview with editor Carla Devine!

You’ll hear my thoughts on:

  • How I got started in art journalling
  • How living in a certain place may influence your art
  • If I have a favourite subject I like to paint or if I consider myself more of an abstract painter
  • My approach to teaching
  • My words of encouragement for those of you who still feel shy about getting into mixed media or, those of you who put too much pressure on yourself – I know you know what I mean 😉
    And much more!

Please note heART Journal magazine is a digital magazine which means you can get it no matter WHERE you live in the world without paying delivery, access video tutorials and read it on your computer, tablet and phone! Can’t do that with a printed mag, can you? 😉

Beautiful mixed media tutorial for heART Journal Magazine Mimi Bondi

Mixed media giveaways!!!

To celebrate this awesome article and our love for mixed media, I have 2 giveaways for you, generously donated by heART Journal Magazine!!

Giveaway 1: get the March 2017 issue for free!

This giveaway lets you download the heART Journal Magazine March 2017 issue for FREE!! YEP!
You’ll get to read all my crazy thoughts and will get the video tutorial for free in it, with loads tutorials and inspiration from awesome mixed media artists. And this gives you an awesome chance to see what the magazine is about!

Here’s how to get your free copy: 
Simply go here, add the issue to your cart and use coupon code he333aRT (case sensitive) at checkout – SIMPLE!
(If you encounter any problem using the code, please contact the magazine directly as it’s out of my hands)

Giveaway 2: get a yearly subscription for free!

How awesome would it be to get a yearly dose of inspiration, tutorials and tips from mixed media artists from around the world?! Extremely awesome I say!

Here’s how to win it:
1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page telling me what you’d really like to learn in mixed media or what you struggle with.
Make it specific like ‘learn how to draw eyes’ or ‘I am confused with how to use gel medium’ – Vague comments like ‘I’d like to learn new techniques’ will not count!
2. AND make sure you are subscribed to my Sunshine Newsletter as this is where I’ll announce the winner. If you haven’t already here, you can subscribe here or fill in the box below.
3. Enter the giveaway by 21st March 2017 – a winner will be randomly chosen and announced in my newsletter on 22nd March 2017.

That’s all folks 🙂

Love and Sunshine to you!
Mimi Bondi

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