A year of art journal videos already?

Wow, I can’t believe it has been about a year now since I first uploaded my first few art journal videos on YouTube…

Before doing that, I must admit I had been thinking about video creation for sooo long but, like most people (and you may recognise yourself here), I didn’t have enough faith in myself and I made excuses!

Yes, silly excuses…

First, I was shy about showing my face on camera
Doing make up and hair is NOT my thing and (it’s ok, I know you noticed hahaha) and I felt a little self conscious so that’s why I warned you about that in my first episode Studio Time 1 (just so you wouldn’t have high expectations lol)
I didn’t know how to even edit a video!
That was a biggie that made me put things off as I just couldn’t be bothered learning new software… So told myself it would be hard. As it turns out, it’s is NOT hard! Yes, it is a learning curve but all in all, I know the content is what matters the most anyway 😉
And, I didn’t think anyone would be interested!

I ended up giving myself a kick in the butt (lil’ not very flexible me!) and just went for it. The response was unexpectedly overwhelming and positive so I went again. And again. And again lol

Now I have 57 videos on YouTube including 28 episodes of Studio Time. Not too shabby me thinks.
What keeps me going? Well,***YOU*** of course, Silly! You keep encouraging me and thanking me and making me feel like I do something useful here so it’s your own fault if I’m still around 🙂
The 4100 subscribers I now have tell me that you were interested after all and… I feel so grateful!

My 5 favourite episodes

Have you watched all my art journal videos? Do you have a favourite episode of Studio Time?

How about I give you my top 5 and you can let me know which one YOUR favourite is in the comments below, deal?

Ok, my 5 fav ones are, in no particular order of preference (click on the image to watch the corresponding tutorial):

Studio Time 23 – Carefree Free art journal tutorial ''Carefree''| Mimi Bondi
Studio Time 16 – Everything is A-OK Studio Time 16 - free mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi
 Studio Time 5 – Bloom Studio Time 5 - learn mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi
 Studio Time 1 – Spinning Studio Time 1 - learn mixed media tutorial with Mimi Bondi
 Studio Time 25 – Light as a Feather Free art journal tutorial ''As Light as a Feather''| Mimi Bondi

Your turn! Out of the all the art journal videos I have released into the world so far, do you have a favourite??
If you want to see the whole list, here it is.

Love to you,