A is for ART mixed media project tutorial ST41

A mixed media project to start the new year!

Do you have mixed media project ideas whirling around in your head?
I certainly hope so because one of my main ones is the opening of my own mixed media supplies store so I can supply you with all the cool mixed media supplies you need! The store is up and running right now so make sure to check it out at mixedmediastore.com.au 🙂

Today I am working on these funky papier mache letters that I pre-primed with white gesso. These will be awesome to decorate my studio and new art shop!

I don’t know why but I actually started with the letter R first (I show you a sneak peak in the video) and although this is the process video for A… Don’t worry, R (and T) will come soon 😉

Ok let’s get to that mixed media project!

  1. I started applying some turquoise with a brush, then purple then red
  2. Once dry, I sponged some bright yellow with a chicken wire stencil (ooh, what a lovely contrast!!).
    A little bit on the front and each side…
  3. Next, I used Dina Wakley’s lovely Vine stencil to add some interest, using white paint to make things pop!
    Again, some on the front, and some on the sides 😉
  4. Let’s now add some stamped details using dark purple ink but with a rubber stamp mat! These things are originally made for polymer clay and I have a few I used to make pretty clay jewellery with, so much fun! But after getting into mixed media, “I couldn’t help but wonder…” 🙂
    And yes, these textured mats stamp beautifully with a sharp impression and since they are flexible, you can bend them to squeeze into small areas. I have been stamping with them for years so I recommend them highly!
  5. Then more stamping (with a regular stamp this time) using these cool circles with fine texture in the middle and silver ink as I want to add subtle details…
  6. More details with tiny lime green dots (oops that part isn’t shown as my camera stopped filming)…
  7. Then let’s bring everything together with a little pink paint rubbed in by hand 🙂
  8. And finally, I applied a little iridescent gold on edges and in patches here and there, love!
  9. A bit OCD I know, since nobody will see that but, I also painted the ‘feet’ and back with black paint for a professional finish.

I’m very happy now with how my funky mixed media project is coming along 😉

Watch the video tutorial below and let me know your thoughts on this with a comment below (scroll down to the bottom of the page) as I always love to hear from you!

With love and sunshine,
Mimi Bondi


Art supplies used:
(click on blue links if you want to buy the same ones)

A is for ART | Mixed media project tutorial with Mimi Bondi

A is for ART | Mixed media project tutorial with Mimi Bondi

A is for ART | Mixed media project tutorial with Mimi Bondi

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love how easily your projects come together for you.

    • mimibondi

      Lots of work and practice Kellie 😉 Thanks for popping by!

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