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The art journal quote: why, how and where

Need a little help with your art journal quote? Let me show you my process, in the hope that it will help you 🙂   First, why would you want to use an art journal quote or words? So you just got busy for the last hour or so spreading gesso, bright coloured paints...

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Inspiring quotes to brighten up your day!

Who doesn't like inspiring quotes?! Probably those stuck in the dark ages and those who are not open to how beautiful life can be... Well, that's ok, let's leave those people in peace to do what they like but to you, I say WELCOME! 🙂 Now, you know just like me how...

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Studio Time 13 – Art journal flip through

A sense of accomplishment... WOW. What a journey this journal has been! This journal took me about 7 months to fill up (I work in other journals too but this is my main one) and at first, I wasn't even sure I'd enjoy it (oh how wrong I was lol)... I started doing what...

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My favourite art supplies (and where I get them from)

I often get asked what my favourite art supplies are and what I use in my mixed media tutorial videos and my online workshops so... Below you will find my favourite supplies, the ones I use the most and where I get them from. I will keep it updated whenever I find...

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Create your first mixed media art journal page!

''Artyshils'' is a lovely mixed media artist who is also very talented. I love her use of bright colours and the kindness that comes out of every face she paints... I thought you guys might enjoy a video she did where she shows you step by step how she creates one of...

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A girl & an Owl mixed media page

Andrea Gomoll is one of the artists I like to follow as her work is lovely, colourful and cheerful. I love how she draw her girl faces and the mixed media techniques she uses. I always find it fascinating to watch her create a new piece, I hope you will enjoy this...

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Bright Future

With all the fun art tools you can find these days, it's quite hard to resist getting lots of stencils, stamps, paints and so on and just let loose! This is what I felt like doing one day and so I set out to play with texture and colours to create an interesting...

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Love is in the Air

"Love is in the Air'' is a mixed media (acrylic and colour pencils) piece I created while relaxing over the summer. I went away on a roadtrip with my partner Pete (whom I love very much!) along the east coast of Australia (between Sydney and Brisbane). The weather was...

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Art journal spread: Love Doesn’t Hurt

Another spread in my art journal! I'm not sure why but the eyes I painted seem to be so full of underlying sadness... I wasn't planning to, it just happened! This prompted me to reflect on a few of my feelings and thoughts which are summed up in this lovely quote (not...

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Art Journal page: A Force From Above

A few weeks ago I decided to start a new art journal... One can't have too many art journals, right??! Oh well, I have an A4 art journal and a baby art journal that is only A6 size (about 10 x 15 cm) so I had an excuse to get something in the middle! This one is a...

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It’s a Wonderful World!

Sometimes an artist has to try new techniques... It helps us grow and more importantly... it's SO much fun!!! And so I decided to make my own acrylic paint sprays to create a funk, space-like background... I wanted a little colour and for the overall effect to be a...

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One and Only

I wanted to celebrate how beautiful and unique we all are! Sure we may all look a bit the same (we have arms, eyes, legs...) but no one can see what amazing treasures we have inside, unless, of course, we choose to we reveal and express them. My insides are made of...

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Holding onto my Heart

We have all had our heart broken... at least once! When I remember my heartbreaks, it makes me feel a little sad but also appreciative of what I have experienced so far and of what I have now, a solid love that is strong and stable (for people around me but also for...

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