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Crazy World mixed media tutorial (ST49)

Crazy World mixed media tutorial because... Why not?! Today I am eager to test out my new large Strathmore mixed media journal and Carabelle Studio Wonderful Flower Strips Stamps!! Let's get right into this Crazy World mixed media page ūüėČ Part 1. First I am going to...

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Not much time! Quick mixed media page ST46

A quick mixed media page for when you don't have much time! This quick mixed media page tutorial will show you that even if you don't have much time, you can still be creative! Simply use a page full of leftover paints and marks from previous sessions (when you had...

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T is for ART 3D mixed media tutorial ST43

The last letter in my 3D mixed media project ūüôā The letters A and R are done and dusted so I am now tackling the last one! Follow me along in this video tutorial (and¬†I hope you will feel inspired to move away from painting on flat surfaces to trying out a 3D mixed...

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Free tie dye watercolour printables for your art!

Free tie dye watercolour printables for your art! You guys loved the¬†free watercolour printables I created for you last year¬†(you can still grab them here) so... Here are a few more for you, this time with a 'tie dye' theme ūüôā I associate colourful tie dye¬†with summer...

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R is for ART paper mache tutorial ST42

I recently shared with you the first instalment in my paper mache tutorial: 3 letters forming the word ART that I will use to decorate my studio and mixed media supplies store. You can watch the tutorial for the letter A first but the letter R is actually the one I...

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A is for ART mixed media project tutorial ST41

A mixed media project to start the new year! Do you have mixed media project ideas whirling around in your head? I certainly hope so because one of my main ones is the opening of my own mixed media supplies store so I can supply you with all the cool mixed media...

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Merry Christmas Art Journal Spread ST40

Christmas art journal pages that make me happy! I have a favourite motto: "It's never too late"! I did this Christmas art journal spread just before Christmas and now, I wish you a Merry Christmas! lol I had just received a brand new Carabelle Studio stamp called...

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Little Clouds Art Journal Tutorial ST39

Little Clouds art journal tutorial in the heat! It's very, VERY hot today out here in sunny Australia! The fan is buzzing in the background, moving my art journal pages around... But it's keeping me cool while I attempt to do an art journal spread and record...

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My turquoise Christmas tree!

Hello Creative Friends!! This is Mimi Bondi and Poppy in da house! Well, actually in da studio‚Ķ ūüôā Poppy‚Äôs not looking impressed by my antics and I don‚Äôt know if he‚Äôs going to be of much help here... I got a turquoise Christmas tree! As you may already know, I am up...

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Heavenly art journal tutorial (ST38)

Feeling rusty! Lately, the last thing on my mind was creating heavenly art journal pages lol My head has been buzzing with a new exciting project I can't quite talk about yet... And let's not forget the release of my 2nd book ''Secret Stash''!!! It's not really a...

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Free spring watercolour printables for your art!

Free spring watercolour printables for your art! You guys loved the free 'circles' watercolour printables I created for you a few weeks ago (you can still grab them here) so... I thought you wouldn't mind too much if I made some more...?? All files all high resolution...

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Watercolor circles mixed media tutorial (ST37)

Did you get your freebies? In my last post, I shared 9 free watercolour circles printables as a thank you for your ongoing support. Isn't it nice to get some pretty presents every now and then? I sure think so and I know you will appreciate them ūüėČ Download them for...

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Leaves and Clouds mixed media tutorial (ST36)

Leaves and Clouds... Where did they come from?? I'll be honest, I'm not really in the mood to paint today! I feel sleepy, I have a commissioned painting to work on, new paintings to varnish... I notice my mind is looking for excuses... I'm thinking "Maybe I'll just...

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